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  1. Wow, first post in the Canadian forum.
  2. We have the best strip joints. Let the beer flow.
  3. We should discussimportant regional business
  4. CANADA is NOT a [Oops!] REGION, eh!!!!!
  5. Hello?
  6. WORD.
  7. Anyone have any real posts or what?
  8. Formula One's Grand Prix du Canada is back. But..
  9. Another forum... eh
  10. Anyone here from Eastern Canada..Newfie???
  11. BMWCCA Oktoberfest in Canada for 2005?
  12. Any Calgarians around here?
  13. Any reccomandations for independent BMW repair
  14. 8 series
  15. Anyone here from Saskatchewan?
  17. Hello from Edmonton
  18. How long will it take 4 first page of posts to fil
  19. Any X5 members in GTA?
  20. so what about a meet in Alberta??
  21. Why are all Canadian's _pussies?
  22. I heard Canada sucks. Is that true?
  23. any of you boys want to meet up for a drive, ey?
  24. what street is canada on?
  25. I converted my VW TDI to run on Maple Syrup!
  26. Whats the deal here, my American comrades?
  27. Pixels missing in instrument cluster- looooong
  28. New One on the board.
  29. May I encourage you my fellow Canucks.
  30. Moved to Ontario from Mississippi
  31. PLease cannucks post like i did under at bottom
  32. Anyone from Québec has an 8 ?
  33. Salut Le Transporteur, un québécois ici!!!
  34. New Parts Sources?
  35. Detroit Auto Show Photo Gallery is up!
  36. Proud of 750Il
  37. Lame New 6
  38. Cannucks POOL who has the most mileage vs car age
  39. Impromptu poll.....winter beaters
  40. Paging Karl Kenny In StJohn's-Still drivin the 740
  41. 1987 325I Cab-188,000KM -1991 535I -165,000KM-2000
  42. any x5 ppl in Vancouver bc Canada? drop a word
  43. Anyone in Western Canada interested in a drive?
  44. Administrivia: policy on links in posts explained
  45. 2002 sighting
  46. transmission gear position switch....
  47. honest independant BMW mechanic in calgarycanmore?
  48. anyone driving in these cold temps?
  49. PArts Car Parking
  50. Daytime Running Lights
  51. oil:advice please...
  52. looking for 16 or 17 oem wheels for e39
  53. Anyone Dealt with Calgary BMW?
  54. NE 1 from T.O.? or seen BMW Toronto?
  55. Air Bag Warning Label 750IL
  56. Budds Hamilton Ont.
  57. 89 - 91 E30 ix
  58. Budds Hamilton
  59. NE have an 70\'s BMW 2002 for sale or...........
  60. good bmw service centre in calgary?my opinion it
  61. e28 wheels
  62. anyone attend the Bavaria Gala tonight??
  63. Looking for an M Coupe
  64. aluminum therm. housing in calgary??
  65. Degree for Life Experience & Prior Learning
  66. 750Il transmission costs
  67. BMWCCBC for those of you in BC
  68. Porsche Owners in Hamilton, Ont. Area ?
  69. Edmonton
  70. BMW 850 MEETING
  71. ********** Alberta
  72. Okay, where are the Ontarians hiding ?
  73. Question for GTA area Bimmer drivers.
  74. Wheel & Tire Care Guide Spring Sale!
  75. BMW Auto Wreckers E38
  76. Series 1 coming to Canada? Anybody know?
  77. winter driving
  78. Canadians, do your part to combat rising gas price
  79. Need E30 internal gas tank pump...
  80. Best looking Bimmer?
  81. Place to buy m30 engine in BC.
  82. Help! I need a cheap parts distributer in Canada
  83. Pricing / buying of an X5 4.4i
  84. What is this??? I can't believe they did this (m)
  85. ********** parts sale/swap?
  86. Ne1 using FK automotive suspension kit.......
  87. Trillium (Toronto) April BMW Club Meeting
  88. Why does it cost so much to live in Ontario
  89. no more breeding, please!
  91. BMW Club Advanced Driving School
  92. people in GTA...
  93. should i buy this E21?
  94. Joseph McHolland
  95. Tire Cupping
  96. Need front pass. door 535...
  97. OT: Looking for and old Buick
  98. Looking for wheels for 2000 328ci
  99. Has anyone in Toronto done the climate control fix
  100. Looking for a S.I Board for 1987 325i Convertible
  101. Vancouver Classic BMW meet.
  102. Best mod for the buck?........
  103. Lost friend
  104. OT: But pretty cool...
  105. :: Canada\'s Free Carpool and Rideshare
  106. can someone please suggest nice places in alberta?
  107. Looking for a Z3 in Ontario..
  108. Alarm for new 2004 320i
  109. e39
  110. radar detectors in alberta
  111. Ottawa service and inspection
  112. I heard that you guys are equivalent to the French
  113. Ain't Canada got any hair? No b@lls, boys.
  114. ********** missing persons.
  115. Where can I get detailing products?
  116. Canadia Spec E39M5 vs. US?
  117. Canadian E-39-ers: Update
  118. Scott, when will you have ********** pics up?
  119. Thinking of doing rust-proof on the 2-yr old M3...
  120. Visiting Toronto area
  121. can you guys help me post my ********** pics????
  122. any Calgarians running straight pipes
  123. hello everyone why don't we organize a nationwide
  124. Jays tickets
  125. back form holidays is a 7 plate RXS NE1 on here
  126. For sale ads belong in classifieds
  127. VIN check
  128. OT: WTB Mid 90's Corolla
  129. I'm a spamming scammer!
  130. does anyone have a used U.S spoiler for my E24?
  131. Check TOS and Posting Guidelines
  132. Ontario and Eastern Canadian BMW owners
  133. Mark2 armrest/cupholder
  134. Rhoda M. Rosenbaum of Calgary, Alberta
  135. Edmonton Election October 18
  136. Edmonton Election October 18
  137. Anyone know of convertible e30/e36's for sale?
  138. For Sale in BC
  139. independent mechanic in GTA
  140. Event Announcement: 1st Annual M3 Lounge >
  141. Bluetooth in 2000 740il
  142. Zenon headlights E38
  143. Service in Kitchener-Waterloo or Greater Toronto?
  144. do you know this Flieger family
  145. ...alberta.
  146. 1995 325I CAB (Instrument Cluster Warning Light)
  147. need advise, on getting a ticket for my muffler...
  148. Any RF members in Edmonton ?
  149. Parting E30 318i- Alberta
  150. Post edited by Roadfly (FS)
  151. Does any know where i can buy custom paint to be
  152. Roadfly Announces Help and Alerts Message Boards
  153. Looking for COLIN McCARTY orginally from Australia
  154. Remote starter?
  155. Mesh front covers for 2000 540iA
  156. Likes/dis-likes 2000 540iA
  157. navigation cd
  158. Canadian Customers Now Order Online
  159. Winter tires
  160. Edmonton and area
  161. those in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland
  162. Any chance of getting more posts on this board?
  163. Exhaust profile.
  164. 3M protective clear coating
  165. BBK needed for E46 M3. Anyone selling ?
  166. Perfect weather for a drive.
  167. Bearing letter, please share your experience
  168. Attn: Spencer7, check your email.... thx!
  169. Has anyone in Canada approached BMWNA regarding
  170. VANCOUVER ISLAND: any e39ers modding 540s?
  171. Moving back to Canada but CPO warranty VOID .....
  172. 16inch winters for E36 M3
  173. Won a Q45 in Vegas.
  174. 18s on 540iA
  175. Hello!!! Where is everybody??? I've checked the ..
  176. Looking for a 323i subframe 77-83 323i Calgary
  177. Holiday plans
  178. NE1 here in Canada have RaceMesh installed
  179. restoration companies
  180. Importing a RHD M5 or M6... How?
  181. Looking for some Map CDs - NorthWest/Vancover
  182. Have a look at this for all you Canucks.
  183. Window tinting or 3M coating
  184. Hallow headlights
  185. 90' 535iA for $8,900. Good Deal?
  186. Power to the Powerless
  187. HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  190. Now Available: Roadfly Stickers & Racing Decals
  191. Flippin heck ! U Canadians are still asleep?!!!
  192. I want to find a sponser
  193. used exhaust wanted for e36 325i
  194. Houston's Polishing Inc.
  195. Calgary:most BMWs per capita in Canada?
  196. looking 4 ebach, koni and magnaflow or SS muffler
  197. NE1s doors not closing properly these cold days?
  198. fog lights on E39
  199. You know its going to be a bad day when.....
  200. Winter tires w/ steel rims
  201. Stone chip repairs."Autosharp pen"-Only in America
  202. Eurasia re-opening
  203. Newbie Help me importing 635Csi
  204. Whats the Average Salary in Canada?! &>>
  205. POLL: Who has the LEAST milage on their BMW
  206. Owned 4- 1 yr. Have sunk 4 g into it....ughhhhh.
  207. Sale at
  208. Maritimer's
  209. looking to bring into canada
  210. Anyone have any weird problems.....
  211. buying z3
  212. replace brakes/cost...
  214. buying z3 off eBay
  215. cold weather package....
  216. Not sure if this will work???
  217. How do you get pics on this thing??
  218. Engine Governing ( spelling )
  219. Z3 for $14k us... is this to much???????
  220. Anyone know of a site....
  221. 1999 328i auto transmission? where to find used
  222. Hello, I am moving to Vancouver in March
  223. Anyone here from Southern Alberta?
  225. Anyone running Toyo Proxi T1...????
  226. Can NE1 in Edmonton Check out a van for me?
  227. Looking to spend some holiday time in Canada...
  228. Windshield replacement
  229. I just noticed the REGIONAL board!
  230. Daytime running lights (DRL) on E30s?
  231. Plans
  232. looking for windscreen 1998 z3/ CASH
  233. Day Time Running Lights Confusion
  234. Don't let your Roadfly account get deleted.
  235. Looking for good sites to puchase...
  236. Toronto Mechanic reference.
  237. lcabob... need info
  238. Good E23 Parts Store In Toronto, Canada?
  239. need paint job on z3
  240. I'm coming over to the dark side...slowly
  241. Looking for a Montreal independant BMW shop
  242. Indepedant shop in Calgary?
  243. Tell tale signs of vanos starting to go??2000 540i
  244. Where did everyone go??? Spring
  245. Anyone want to go out for a cruise today??
  246. radar/laser detectors
  247. Where is good place to buy battery in Calgary thx
  248. Back to Bavaria tomorrow...
  249. Going in for a provincial inspection
  250. I've got the bug !!!!!!!!!!

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