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View Full Version : Forced Induction

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  1. Hey, for the electron uninhibited :), I think the
  2. Turbo or Blower?
  3. Blow off valve
  4. 320is Century Turbo CARB#'s Help??
  5. E30 325(T) - compression, injectors and clutch?
  6. Performance upgrade for 330xi
  7. Do I need an intercooler...
  8. why on 5psi?
  9. Dinan 325is turbo
  10. Does anyone have aquamist water injection
  11. had rotating assembly race balanced..(m)..
  12. Anyone have an Audi 5000 WUR for sale?
  13. NE1 have external wastegate for sale?
  14. DA Supercharger for \'96 318is-Any one done it??
  15. e30 turbo manifold wanted
  16. tii turo or 545i?
  17. tii turbo or 545i?
  18. help if you can give some advice
  19. SC for 00 Z3 2.3?
  20. Secondary air system flow too low cyl #1-6
  21. Secondary air system flow too low cyl #1-6
  22. I am now, oficialy, FORCED INDUCTION !!
  23. bimmerjim
  24. pinging out of my [Oops!]!
  25. Engine Management Opinions (long)
  26. pinging, this is what im currently running!
  27. SAAB 900 Intercooler?
  28. heres my setup. advice wanted.
  29. Supercharger with larger throttle body?
  30. She's alive...did 1st test run ....I am alive also
  32. AFM mounting before or after turbo???
  33. Do-It-Yourself Water/Alcohol Injection System, IC
  34. Do-It-Yourself octane booster: for fun Toulene
  35. here are my plans
  36. upgrading brakes on E30?
  37. is the m20b25 a batch or seqential injection?
  38. what is the largest injector i can run?
  39. hy ron, i tryed that trick, and it didnt work..
  40. Bad news!!
  41. rough idle since 19lb injectors were installed
  42. NE1 want 88 M6 drive train!!!?? 80k miles, mail me
  43. what FMU / RRFPR do you folks use?
  44. how much hp will stock fuel pump support? 89 325i
  45. Exhaust manifold cracked - I'm cryin'
  46. Any good recomendations for turbo exhuast system
  47. Dynoed my 635 with 24# injectors and N2O today>>>>
  48. 320i fuel pump
  49. expansion tank gone mad!
  50. New user FAQ
  51. whats CR for 2.7eta block with i head?
  52. car keeps stalling since installin 19lb injectors
  53. air recirculation system!
  54. Where can I find complete Saab APC controller?
  55. swartz you out there
  56. Reply to the ? of my 635 N2O with 421 ft#s>>>>>>>
  57. Oil sprayers to a M20 325i engine cylinders?
  58. Intake / runners and injector location
  59. I Blew my engine!!!
  60. suggestions
  61. head gasget
  62. SCHWARTZ get on aim! i need to talk to u!
  63. Detailed Steps to replace injectors?
  64. Anyone familiar with these guys?
  65. cam choice for turbo
  66. What am I missing? Fuel mix leaning out ......
  67. aerocharger
  68. Head gasket ?
  69. i blew the piston rings and the head gasget!
  70. how to turbo...etc
  71. 525e and 525i crank and bearings
  72. Good spark plug for turbo? +
  73. Turbo blades question
  74. RRFPR Again!
  75. machining pistons for lower CR
  76. Informative books.....
  77. i pistons, e rods and e crank!
  78. CR of 525e block with the i pistons?
  79. hey KC RON, gaugeman dosent respond to emails.
  80. In you guys opinions what is the best turbo for a
  81. What is the best size turbo for a 325i with stock
  82. exhaust temp tuning
  83. Was thinking of upgrading my turbo, but had fit ?
  84. pick
  85. how do you insert pictures onto this forum???
  86. pic test
  87. pik
  88. test
  89. E and I Mixed Anybody know the CR pleaseee
  90. E and I Mixed Anybody know the CR pleaseee
  91. Fuel pressure vs. Fuel Flow ??????
  92. what works well for intercooler pipe?
  93. HEY KC RON, no dice with (m)
  94. Would this be a good turbo?
  95. Pat P. -M30 turbo header/manifold
  96. Looking for a 745i motor, anybody? also, what
  97. How to increase MINI horsepower?
  98. first attempt at forced induction (need advice)
  99. what intercooler to use
  100. Exhaust backpressure question
  101. Got one more question?
  102. Why isn't there a manifold mounted SC for e39 V8?
  103. NE1 interested in turbo kit? Patience thin-ing (m)
  104. intercooler piping?
  105. Superchargers, what\'s the dilly?
  106. Tune your own eprom for 528E qnd 325E
  107. Flange fitting question
  108. supercharged e30 325i>?
  109. bearings on block. please help!
  110. bearings
  111. E28 533 Turbo
  112. Who's used a 2.05mm gasket on e30 m20?
  113. eta engine ecu eprom tuning DIY beta
  114. Michael McCoy, you were right
  115. Supercharging an M50- what extras are required?
  116. Going over to the turbo side
  117. UPDATE: 318 turbo problems resolved????
  118. Uh, lowering compression ratio like this?
  119. got rid of the afm!
  120. 4 valve/cyl m20 or m30? upgrades
  121. MSD ignition ?
  122. I've found the important maps within the eprom for
  124. What make RRFPR should i buy and how
  125. what fuel should i use in my 325i 2.7 turbo
  126. Does the m50 have a TPS or is it a WOT switch?
  127. 95, 97 or 98 octane in bmw 325i 2.7 turbo
  128. Success!! Tune your own m30 '059 ecu/eprom
  129. BimmerJim, how are you planning to handle....
  130. best place to buy
  131. I'm driving the turbo 6er.... tomarrow!!
  132. M.A.F
  133. Well, I have concluf
  134. Its Alive, its alive!!!!!
  135. can i just tee off
  136. What kind of power can a stock M20 handle with
  137. Anybody know if there are DIY RRFPR's?
  138. whats the CR 4 a 525e block with i pistons and i h
  139. exhaust flange question
  140. I have a flange question too!
  141. HELP!
  142. Cut down 6 to 4 cilinder BMW manifold?
  143. need advise on building a turbo 635
  144. Who has a deltagate wastegate, or could help me.
  145. up & running again with some changes.M10
  146. e30 m3/e321 320i head compatibilty
  147. the turbo 325i runs again!
  148. Pondering Head Work. . .
  149. Anyone have a Rotrex s/c set-up from AA?
  150. questions for otis
  151. looking for an auto shop teacher
  152. M20 intake manifold questions
  153. MM Head for Cartech TwinTurbo or Stock Head
  154. s4 dataman on ebay alert alert
  155. feel free to help out with these eprom efforts
  156. afm to maf test Or the $20 MAF Conversion
  157. What LSD to put into 318i Turbo w/ 14" wheels?
  158. From what car can I source Garret T2.5?
  159. external wastegate
  160. fuel management unit?
  161. Finally bought a deltagate this weekend...but
  162. Micheal McCoy--> Question for you
  163. Intercooler for RMS Charger
  164. Is an oil cooler more effective than air to air >
  165. Supercharger (not turbo) avail. for E24? Links?
  166. Turbo application charts?
  167. Can one use a turbo from a diesel engine?
  168. Looking into turbo manifolds...How'd you do yours?
  169. looking for RMS water/air intercooler
  170. Survey: Who's using N2O, how's d experience?
  171. Refrigerated Intercoolers?
  172. got my turbo manifold ............
  173. Any supercharger avail for '00 323 iT ?
  174. Is anyone here employing TEC-3/similar??
  175. RMS setup quesion on this e46 m3....
  176. Looking for Garrett T04 performance map
  177. S/C or Turbo w/Nitrous
  178. S/C or Turbo w/Nitrous
  179. Looking for garret T25 performance map
  180. Pat P, where's my Sideloader?
  181. 73 2002 fuel injection and turbo related questions
  182. any suggested links/literature(m)
  183. M62 - Turbo or SC??
  184. Aerocharger making unit for bigger (M30+) engines?
  185. Now if I could only be certain about the address f
  186. Updated pix of the 85 Turbo 318i project. Pg3
  187. Ct turbo results
  188. Numbers on Garret T3 tag
  189. Considering the 745i turbo for my 635
  190. exhaust manifold to turbo mounting questions
  191. i have no idea...
  192. Turbo setup on Euro 635........
  193. Any feed back on ESS PD for '98528ia please
  194. Need help on turbo install
  195. My car is almost ready to run again
  196. boost controllers
  197. I have Lost my turbo pressure...
  198. Need some advice on turbo kits
  199. hey IPM, what wires went where on the MAF?
  200. Intercooler on a E30
  201. Is it feasable to S/C a 2001 330xi with >>>>
  202. Anyone DIY a turbo 95M3? -long
  203. Is this the inducer size? (T04B)
  204. Aluminum piping ?
  205. OK who just did a 10hp DYNO run and is smiling ?
  206. can i use
  207. Hey KC Ron, how much for the turbo motor mount?
  208. basic motronic, let's crack it
  209. MSD 2 bar map sensor?
  210. wastegate ?
  211. 328is performance
  212. up & running with bigger turbo.
  213. Pls help with exhaust system...
  214. fuel regulator question
  215. How do I richen A/F ratios other than ECU software
  216. Will this really work? I don't want to waste $$
  217. Can I modify injection and ignition map on 325e ??
  218. do i need a engine managemet for a e30 turbo
  219. Hey Sweeney!!!!!!!
  220. thanks Ron
  221. OK... I need a E30 turbo clutch kit
  222. Hey KC Ron, are you having my motor mount copied..
  223. anyone know diameter and thread pitch on exaust
  224. Vortech FMU (for ignition)
  225. ignition retard when in fail mode (boost retard?)
  226. bimmerjim
  227. Paul M10 or KC Ron/ WUR vs FMU for Turbo E21?
  228. should i torque head studs more then what they say
  229. head gasket thickness
  230. turbo options for m30 e34?
  231. e24 /3.5 supercharging...
  232. NE1 make a turbo kit for the M52 engine?
  233. i have a cartech exaust manifold and can not find
  234. can i use an oil pressure gauge for fuel?
  235. cant find.........
  236. Hey, guess I get to join this board too!!!
  237. calling KC Ron Carter
  238. Would lowering the compression effect idle? +
  239. Oil feed setup explanation and pics wanted
  240. should I or shouldn't I?
  241. Vortech FMU with 24lb injectors- 6, 8, or 10:1?
  242. NPR Intercoolers
  243. anyone know where to get a intake for a 2003 m3??
  244. NOS Search, Whats up with the search engine?
  245. I need a intake........
  246. You guys seen that new ZEX air filter?
  247. looking for rms aftercooler
  248. Irridium plugs, yea or nea?
  249. any way to raise oil pressure on an M20?
  250. Callaway pics?

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