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View Full Version : Forced Induction

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  1. Hey Sweeney
  2. turbocharger or supercharger kit for z3 w/ m54?
  3. M70 turbo -- Crazy insane or just crazy enough
  4. Gtech Pro consistency?
  5. My turbo dyno results
  6. Gasoline - diesel turbo differences, some Q\'s
  7. What Language is this web site in?
  8. What Language is this web site in?
  9. DF Centerforce clutch arrived today..>
  10. sorting out the m10 turbo project
  11. Best head for M10? 121 - e12 - e21 - 18i ?
  12. Continue-ing the clutch debate....
  13. anyone turbo a 1990 535i? e34? m30, 3.5L engine?
  14. ordered MegaSuirt system today..>
  15. Where do you M20 guys get your oil feed from?
  16. Who has the gas on there car(NOS)
  17. After almost a years work! This!
  18. One or multiple injectors; pros and cons?
  19. Centerforce clutch question
  20. manifold and turbo mounting question
  21. Administrivia announcement: site expansion!
  22. Improved clutch question m10
  23. Nice Megasquirt addition, I think
  24. ? 65mm TB to big for M10...Does to large..>
  25. couple quick beginner questions
  26. Wankel RotaryTurbo into an E30 anyone?
  27. How goes it w/the MegaSquirts?
  28. 996-superchaRGER
  29. Supercharging M54 3.0 Z4
  30. OT: useable gass-turbine conversions?
  31. what???
  32. Head O rings
  33. M20 Turbo with parts from 524td?????
  34. probably heard it b4..I\'ll ask though
  35. Dinan S/C or AA S/C??? Can\'t decide..urrgghhh
  36. Please help, SC and altitude adjustments
  37. O-Ringing cont.
  38. Dinan supercharger problem for e36
  39. DME tuning page done and posted for all...
  40. jason griffith , I was reading in the archives
  41. NE1 have info on forced induction of s54 motor??
  42. Please your opinion on this turbo....
  43. If you had an MBC where would you put it?
  44. Disengage alarm help?
  45. Installing internal belt on Powerdyne charger ????
  46. Pat M635 Mods
  47. Air Intake
  48. s38 turbo pistons
  49. Who sells those Eldring gasgets mentioned below?
  50. Air/Water chargecooler for blown 530i
  51. Advice on forged pistons?
  52. 825 friggin dollars!
  53. what is the better motor
  54. Which Supercharger for 94' 325is?
  55. Has NE1 added forced induction to an "improved"
  57. M50 Turbo / ECU / Knowledge Source?
  58. Are any superchargers street legal in CA for my
  59. Tremec/BW T56 adapter plates available for M20?
  60. What means 'M4' on the exhaust housing?
  61. Thinking about stroking my car!!
  62. Best Air induction kit
  63. Oil Drain line installation for 86 635
  64. Need a good source for used/rebuilt turbo\'s...
  65. Pics of BMW 2002 turbo instal (non original)
  66. Just found this link, don\'t know if it\'s usefull..
  67. Toby, can you make an educated guess again?
  68. what u thinks of this?
  69. spark plug questions
  70. Bm turbo
  71. Exhaust manifold Quest.
  72. Header and intercooler questions.....
  73. Whats with the foriegn turbo e30\'s?
  74. Reading for manifold vacuum
  75. Wastegate questions
  76. Manual Boost Control
  77. OEM manifold twin turbo shark questions
  78. 250 hp M20?
  79. Uh, silly idea: square tubing exhaust manifold?
  80. Supercharger recommendations for a 2003 530i?
  81. Is this common?
  82. 745i turbo parts prices?
  83. Paging Pat P...........
  84. blown m42
  85. Saab APC for Electronic boost control
  86. 1985 e23 needs 75c degree thermostat with high pre
  87. Brainteaser for you electrical engineers, et al!!
  88. Cold engine smoking...?
  89. Help! Blowing Coolant During High RPMS
  90. New facelift for the new year.....
  91. Higher CR and less boost, or Low CR and More Boost
  92. Aftermarket wires?
  93. Whats the best turbo for the 2.5 M20.
  94. lbs/min - cft/min conversion rate for air?
  95. Any boosted S38
  96. Huh? Error is Corky\'s Maximum Boost?!?
  97. Air/Water IC (cleaned up)
  98. exhaust size
  99. sweet setup for E46 cars and presumably E39 cars
  100. Super Charger for 01 325i
  101. The turbo i decided on using.
  102. Air-water intercooler question.
  103. I receive my turbocharger
  104. What would be a good price for labor on?
  105. 745 Turbo ECU serial #?
  106. pan return location on M10
  107. Pan return location on M10
  108. BMW going after forced induction?
  109. thinking of getting a turbo for my e28 535...few ?
  110. information on electric chargers
  111. Administrivia: policy on links in posts explained
  112. Is AC Schnitzer\'s 330 S/C kit available in the US?
  113. Wideband UEGO Controller
  114. plug problems
  115. plug problems
  116. ZHP and ESS Supercharger.
  117. TSI TURBO KIT for 97 2.8 z3
  118. 325i E36 Turbocharging
  119. intercooler location/choice
  120. So, I want to mount a 745i TURBO system in my E-30
  121. Turbo setup Questions
  122. POLL: intercooler location?
  123. Pat P?
  124. What TURBO Trim best suits E-30 2.7 E/I???
  125. m20 crankcase breather
  126. ESS 540iA Sport plus Nitrous Kit... NE1 done this?
  127. can a 745i TURBO system in my 735i 1988
  128. M3 exhaust and cold air intake
  129. registry for all BOOSTED BMWs- finally
  130. what turbo parts do i need for 735i did thay make
  131. Twin-screw supercharger question
  132. need euro headlights 5-3/4 &7" New or used
  133. How to measure exhaust backpressure?
  134. excessive pressure blowing coolant via cap
  135. want more power-is turbo right for my car??
  136. finding turbo at junk yard
  137. need some help to finish my project
  138. AFR ratio
  140. 524TD Retrofit to an 1989 325is
  141. ne1 need 745i turbo parts? email me
  142. Got $25? Win a BMW X3!! Limited time remaining!
  143. Is there anyone here running a supercharged S52
  144. Dyno Results
  145. supercharger kit z3 (1.9) for under a grand.
  146. diffs and changing the gearing
  147. 2nd plea for help from Downunder re; 2.7 project
  148. E36 Vortech Pulley - which one for 8-psi??
  149. can anyone tell me about the GT25? more
  150. Early 80's Callaway Turbo Conversions
  151. Air Flow Meter, After compressor or before???
  152. making a 645CSi
  153. will JimC software be ok for turbo system?
  154. 325ci Exhaust Manifold Search!!
  155. please help with e30 turbo project
  156. Need 524td turbo oil feed line/tube & W/G actuator
  157. reference site for engine swaps?
  158. Help me select best turbo for my E-30 327is
  159. Superchagers and automatic tranny (m)
  160. Got my AEM Wideband UEGO Controller!!!
  161. copper head gasket, and \"O\" ringing
  162. Ignition on the M30 B35 Mot 1.3 and FI.....
  163. What do you guys use when swapping out the AFM
  164. what MSD set up will i need
  165. does someone for BMW Turbo Manifolds
  166. new mem, turbo size and other info
  167. intercooler mounting
  168. O-ringing cost vs need?
  169. T25s on cartech twin manifold?
  170. Wheel & Tire Care Guide Spring Sale!
  171. cheap clutch options for turbo\'ed m20?
  172. Paging Mike McCoy...
  173. ESS supercharger question for my 97 540i6
  174. E30 325i M20 Turbo setup...questions
  175. o-ring head pic
  177. do 2.7l and 2.5l heads have the same size valves
  178. i know it isn't forced ind. but what about ZEX dry
  179. Supercharged E32 735i
  180. recent dyno numbers. (large pics, if they work?)
  181. Looking for Pat P, renegade, e34biturbo person
  182. How to Choose Machine Shop For My Head?
  183. High performance head gasket for 85-735i turbo
  184. Who wants an Aquamist system?
  185. Anyone have a good source for endtank mods
  186. 2.5eta bottom with 2.3 top. Want to turbo
  187. Anyone have any info on this turbocharger?
  188. Theoretical question (general turbo theory)
  189. Can 735i Stock Pistons and connecting rods be used
  190. braintease-what is the CR of my 2.7 with 2.3 head
  191. 320i conrod and crank sizes?
  192. OK, time to ask the experts. What do you guys
  193. vacuum overfuelling M30 turbo
  194. went to the track!
  195. M20 Oil Feed line SIZE
  196. Anyone ever seen a 3.0L stroker M20 with turbo?
  197. Sweeny, how is the turbo kit coming for M30's?>>>
  198. Schrick 284 Degree cam question
  199. ESS supercharger info for my 540i6 please>
  200. ESS kit to E39
  201. Mercedes 300se 6cylinder
  202. Want e30 used turbo setup/parts.
  203. mds 6 btm on m20
  204. w/ vortech fmu...what fuel pump is needed?
  205. Dynoed the TCD prototype M20 kit in >>>
  206. heres my turbo e30
  207. conrod lenghts and fitment
  208. Mercedes kompressor on M20?
  209. S/C a 98 M Roadster (S52)
  210. BimmerJim Did you decide on the larger turbo size?
  211. How to alter ign. timing on 318iS M42?
  212. arp head stud torque
  213. Spark Plus Recommendations for ESS 8 PSI+ NOS
  214. Shark Injector
  215. does anybody know a good tuner, need intercooler..
  216. Hey Rev. You\'ve got mail...
  217. Hey Rev. You\'ve got mail...
  218. Tuning water/alcohol injection 4 supercharged M3
  219. Tuning water/alcohol injection 4 supercharged M3
  220. You\'ve got mail, Rev...
  221. Polyester / fibreglass plenum??
  222. air/water intercooler
  223. Any magic sealants to avoid losing head gaskets?
  224. TCU User Control Interface
  225. Supercharged E32 735i what will be the hp
  226. 7.5:1 CR
  227. 7.5:1 CR
  228. RMS: haven't we heard this story before :(........
  229. Question to all you gents with superchargers (m)
  230. NE1 know where I can get a 10 amp 12 volt NOS
  231. Hooked up Innovate LM-1 wideband today>
  232. Why do we even bother with turbos? Check link.
  233. Any opinions on the Mallory Hyfire system?
  234. Why are superchargers so damn expensive?
  235. Funny joke (political)
  236. When to go from dry to wet N2O?
  237. Some q\'s on supercharging BMW 318iS with M45
  238. Twin turbo 850 project...
  239. Question about M70 fuel injectors swap...
  240. Does this supercharger capacity calc make sense?
  241. any tips for drilling turbo drainline in m30 block
  242. is 9.3:1 compresion too high for turbo?
  243. cracked and repaired heads?
  244. Question about sand casting...
  245. Eaton M90 Supercharger Boost Pressure
  246. Dinan Turbo M6
  247. what welders for exhausts and manifolds?
  249. Eaton M90
  250. How do I clean and lube my turbo???

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