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  1. Welcome to the new Roadfly Forced Induction Forum!
  2. A pic to kick things off...
  3. "88redM6" read the article on superchargers....
  4. I place before you the killer TURBO Blacky
  5. I give you the Blacky killer well maybe
  6. Alan just promise no "E24 Lounge" please? (Ugh)
  7. Is there a timing controller for 4 cylinders?
  8. Getting rid of carbon to reduce or stop the ping
  9. Need information on putting 524 turbo on 325e
  10. Need information on putting 524 turbo on 325e
  11. NE1 with a Dinan set up?
  12. Cooling a blown 633 when the fan won't fit - Ideas
  13. Anyone using an aftercooler? Like this.
  14. Anyone using an aftercooler? Like this.
  15. used 745 intercooler
  17. ESS SC'd 530i: Tranny characteristics.
  18. Supercharging Choices for a '98 M3/4
  19. 745 cyl head/schr 282 cam specs
  20. turbo manifold's for m20
  21. Swirl cutting and porting a head by Metric Mech
  22. The difference between ping and detonation ??
  23. ESS VT supercharger in S52 (240hp) MCoupe (long)
  24. Turbo vs SC, my $.02, FWIW (long)
  25. What do you guys think of a Turbo M3-E36?
  26. How many SC'ed 530i? I may have first one in US.
  27. Octane increase.
  28. Got my Callaway turbo e21 in driveway
  29. Any recommendations for an electric fan.
  30. OK all you hp tech-ies, what kind of hp from>>>
  31. M10 Turbo for my e21
  32. How many people with Downing Atlanta here?
  33. High Flow E-30 M20 Turbo Manifold Picture.....
  34. OK I'm sure you have heard this before S/C or T
  35. ESS '00 323CiC - 14000+ miles and going strong ...
  36. MSD #5462- Stock ign./ boost timing controller
  37. Best free flow exhaust for SC'd 530i?
  38. Hi-flow cat & aftercooler??? suggestions? where/$$
  39. ess superchargers
  40. hey im from the z3 forum, i need some help
  41. Anyone in here Turbo an M10????
  42. Of those with DA SC anyone also running NOS?
  43. M10 Turbo kit (link to photo gallery)>>>
  44. Blown 740iL
  45. Is this board new??
  46. will M88 exhaust manifolds fit an S38?
  47. 88 318i m40
  48. 88 318i m40
  49. clutch help....anyone?
  50. Anyone have a Mechtech, esp. on a 2.8 Z3?
  51. Two beginners questions.
  52. Wanted....Air to Water Aftercooler
  53. Garret T3: Rotate housing?
  54. WTB: IC to fit behind pass. headlites
  55. Poll: What turbo oil do you use? (research)
  56. Fuel pump and injectors (?'s) any help= thanx!!!
  57. Coop- link to Vietsb install manual- how many hrs?
  58. KC Ron: Turbo ?'s sent via email.
  59. WTB: 19-24lb/h injectors to fit M10
  60. Best supplier of hoses for turbo/supercharger apps
  61. Bosch F/I part # breakdown
  62. Air intake charger w/ Vortex Booster
  63. What are you s/c guys running for spark plugs?
  64. Bigger Injectors for V12
  65. Any NOS junkies here? Got some Q's...
  66. Cooling a SC'ed engine
  67. help, my car runs rich with NOS after VANOS
  68. anyone turbo an E39 six cylinder (528)?
  69. does any one else run Nitrous Express?
  70. force-fed M3(how fast are you?)
  71. any thoughts on t'charging a 91 M5?
  72. Uploaded site, will become turbo, collect urls
  73. Anyone done nitrous on an E46 M3 yet?
  74. H2O mist Charge Air Cooling??
  75. AFR Meter (from below....)
  76. Turbo boost/compression question
  77. Does water/alcohol injection work well with SCs?
  78. is there an E36 E37 blower?
  79. Pic of Cartech turbo kit for M10
  80. Best guide for turbo / sc engineering & install?
  81. Anyone Has Pics of a Supercharged 6series??
  82. Found Nitrous Express kit for V-12 -more
  83. Just spoke to Jim @ MechTech-Turbo I6 BMW's
  84. Gotta love boost! Spoke with ESS as well-(m)-
  85. Got details on ESS & some kits-spoke to
  86. recomendation for 87 325is
  87. MAP sensor location?
  88. MAP sensor location?
  89. Considering forced induction
  90. Want to learn about Turbos and Superchargers..more
  91. RMS Stage 3 - any of you guys here?
  92. m30 supercharger question...
  93. m30 supercharger questions
  94. Maybe this site will be of use to someone here
  95. Question about turbo charging my 95 325is
  96. Can I SuperCharge my 1994 740IL
  97. Intercooling temperatures?
  98. is joe around today?
  100. turbo question
  101. turbo question
  102. Measuring/logging temps and pressure ?
  104. An Opinion..... (Yeah Yeah, I know What They Say)
  105. supercharger for 330ci
  106. Install cost for Downing Atlanta SC???
  107. Cheap Turbochargers on Ebay, ($200) R they 4 real?
  108. E46 supercharging.....
  109. Who beside G-Power and ESS have SC for E46 M3?
  110. aftermarket warranty
  111. e28 528i to blow or not to blow.....
  112. Turbo older M30 engine?
  113. Stumbling with ESS M3 SC in M-Coupe (S52 US)
  114. ESS news, 530i.
  115. RMS, BBS, GIAC, Cobb tuning, Brembo & more-
  116. 95 325is pinging
  117. Anybody SC a 318 ?
  118. Nice SC install on a Z06
  119. How much more hp does a performance exhaust provid
  120. Anyone with supercharger and auto trans out there?
  121. E36 325 supercharger and auto trans out there?
  122. Engine for 2000CS (E9)
  123. Homemade supercharger!
  124. 745i technical data question
  125. has any one used a vortech paxton super charger?
  126. Suggested pistons for M10 turbo project ???
  127. M20 323i '81 E21 Turbo project HELP!
  128. Anybody here use a Motec?
  129. Scnellar supercharger kit for m20 , Is it good ???
  130. ESS is coming out w/ a water to air intercooler -
  131. Header to use with a t3/t4 turbo on a 1.9 Z3?
  132. Whats this Electric Turbo Supercharger on eBay?
  133. Retrofitting a non-BMW specific turbo/supercharger
  134. IHI RHF 55 turbo
  135. check this out
  136. Is 2 1/4" exhaust large enough for turbo on m10?
  137. NITROUS OXIDE on 38/38, 40/40 or 45/45 carbs?
  138. Who wants booost? They are heeeeeeeeeeeeere-
  139. Home made intake manifold??
  140. Dinan SC M coupe purchase...few questions
  141. E30 turbo install tommorrow......
  142. any help for M42 (91 318is)?
  143. 1st E30 turbo the rough
  144. ESS software upgrade for 530i
  145. Sweeney!!
  146. E-30 TURBO Q's on compression, head, pistons.....
  147. RMS will install a full SC kit on a '01 M roadster
  148. basics please
  149. Secret on posting pix...
  150. Air Flow Meter - Blow through Vs Draw through?
  151. E39 Turbo
  152. e46 sc same for 323,325,328?
  153. Paxton on an M30 in an e24 (635csi)
  154. m10 turbo questions
  155. 540i supercharge anyone
  156. pro/con SC Vortech/Roots?
  157. Custom exhaust manifold
  158. I can fabricate anything to do a clean tubo instal
  159. SuperCharger for 840ci??
  160. Turbo E28 on dyno tomorrow....
  161. Dyno day results for the Dinan Turbo...
  163. Hey Pat P need info on e20 turbo in e34
  164. Anyone here supercharge a 528ia (E39).......
  165. Compression q's for M10 turbo
  166. M10 turbo questions
  167. Dyno chart posted for Dinan Turbo...
  168. The 2nd Annual Euro Tuner Fest GP, THIS WEEKEND!
  169. supercharged E36 M3 problems?
  170. supercharger for 735 i
  171. Very impressive Z3. Do you know this guy Rev?
  173. super charge 735i (M30) anyone ?
  174. ++EX VI TERMINI's project cars++
  176. ESS vs. Dinan for M60 ('95 M540i)
  177. Car show in south florida in december Cars Needed!
  178. ANNOUNCEMENT: New Financing & Leasing Forum
  179. My recent 1/4 times....
  180. for anyone familliar with 2002's or other 2.0 ..
  181. NE1 know? 93MustGT5.0 inj's(19lbs) fit 85 318i?
  182. OK?!? What 19-24 lb injectors will work? NE1? SAAB
  183. Turbocharged E28/ any one done it?
  184. Our new bimmer...
  185. Welcome new Roadfly sponsors!
  186. question on alarms for guys with turbo timers...
  187. Win Free Stuff in Roadfly Contests & Give-Aways
  188. NE1 have aerocharger oil they can sell me? or...
  189. Bigger Injectors for M70?
  190. Blower motor build question.
  191. 325IS throttle body to E30 2.7 Upgrade
  192. Supercharging an M20B25 questions (long)
  193. Supercharged '98 M roadster... Any advice?
  194. Largest injectors I can put in my M20??
  195. Throttle body placement with supercharger?
  196. looking to turbo or supercharge my 323Ci, need
  197. Best water injection system???????
  198. 93 E31 Supercharger??
  199. TURBO
  200. to brian with the turbo what manifold more
  201. Dail-a-boost, just a thought.... (long)
  202. Thinking of building own Turbo setup for 323Ci
  203. To Turbo or not to Turbo (newbe post)
  204. z3 1.9 super chargered . is it possible?
  205. 633 csi w/callaway turbo
  206. Should I go with a T25 or a T3 for my M10 318i?
  207. To oil cool blower, or not.
  208. SC M30?
  209. Can heat kill MAF sensor?
  210. turbo manafold for a e30 m20?
  211. E30 turbo 1st dyno test run.............
  212. Turbo Mulla?
  213. anyone else using N2o?
  214. Where on the solenoid do the 3 hoses attatch
  215. Pressure Relief Valve (pop-off valve)
  216. Any induction junkies know why...
  217. Mechtech Turbo on 99 M3
  218. restricted air
  219. AFM mounting question......>
  220. Oil pooling in intake duct on ESS 530i
  221. Gonig with the stock manifold with the turbo
  222. Question about supercharging M73 on 750IL
  223. This might sound stupid?
  224. OK, i know Im a trader, but i really need help
  225. e30 turbo components
  226. strange 318 problem
  227. M20 supercharging question???
  228. NEW UPDATES........
  229. has anyone installed ESS supercharger....
  230. Md/DC/VA people interested in running...
  231. i need a wiring diagram for the obc 325 1990
  232. bi-turbo 325i M20 Q-s
  233. Turbo M30 Engine Management
  234. BMW TURBO discussion site 745i & 545i & 645i
  235. The sign of things to come.....
  236. A LOT OF FUN CHEAP!!!!
  237. Big 6 turbos?
  238. Link to my turbo 318i (sorry, it's geocities)
  239. twin turbo 528e
  240. m20 manifold
  241. Another "Interesting" RMS Experience!
  242. Turbo for M30 535i
  243. Please welcome our newest sponsors!
  244. ??Some Advice for Custom SC Chip Tuning??
  245. HEY COOP
  246. RMS SC Stage II for S54 M, Finally Done!
  247. 2001 m3, engine upgrades...need help!
  249. Do i really need an intercooler with 5lbs boost?
  250. I got a supercharger w/ aftercooler for my 325is..

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