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  1. Fog light cracked, warranty covered?
  2. Fog light cracked, warranty covered?
  3. What are the \"green\" xenons i\'ve seen (more)
  5. 2001 325i w/xenons, foglight upgrade???
  6. Stupid Question but I gotta ask...
  7. Hella Angel Eyes "bulb holder"
  8. NE1 installed OEM xenon head lights in E38
  9. Reasons behind the HID kit crackdown
  10. e23 indicator/blinker
  11. Question on Angel Eyes...
  12. What's a good minimal drop in upgrade for 98-740IL
  13. happy with Cibie CSRs
  14. Is it easier to install Xenon kit in e39 fog light
  15. your thoughts on simple headlight upgrade (98 528)
  16. ********** Very nice looking xenon ************
  17. removed ballasts from a totalled 750
  18. E46 projector xenon retrofit
  19. driver's side angel eye rings not lighting up (m)
  20. LED Taillights (Clear) upgrade on a '98 528i
  21. H1 Bulbs-source
  22. Bimmian?
  23. Anyone need resistor packs to clear lowbeam error?
  24. Xenon headlights available for the 1995 M3?
  25. Didn't know Daniel Stern posts here!!! (more)
  26. Auto Headlight Sensitivity
  27. Anyone have new Hella E36 Xenon/Angel Eyes kit ?
  28. Light bulb types and where to get them.
  29. Question for Daniel Stern
  30. Solution to new HID laws
  31. NHTSA news from the horse's mouth
  32. I told to President OF HIDS 4 less and He stated
  33. would this be illegal then?
  34. UMNITZA-Did I see you on 680 North today?
  35. Don\'t buy this guys!!
  36. Re: Matt at Umnitza
  37. ADDENDUM re: NHTSA news
  38. 92 euro RF lower fog lense need replace help???
  40. replacement lenses for e30 euro ellips?
  41. Xenon Globes E 32 1989
  42. Xenon hi beams?
  43. Who has xenon e39 angel eyes in stock? Clears pre
  44. Jeff@hids4less - Got a ? for you no one can answer
  45. anyone seen angel eyes for '88 style ellipsoidals?
  46. WTB: Angel Eyes and clear taillight for my E39.
  47. HiD4less is still in Business saling HID kits
  48. Anyone need stock Xenons or tails off 540?
  49. German Parts Importers
  50. 1988 E32 lighting problems
  51. Any 1998 528i owners who upgraded to AE halogen?
  52. wirng harness and headlight connections
  53. xenon-lights on Jaguar XKR pre-2003-model ?
  54. Xenon upgrade for a 330i
  55. Rubber boot for AEs
  56. No HIDs. Which bulb brand?
  57. NE1 selling Xenon angel lights for E39
  58. Euro Lights
  59. looking for reflector lights for 2000 m coupe
  60. Hids are not banned just do a search on google
  61. X5 high beam higher than left--why?
  62. HID question
  63. upgrade headlights wires
  64. with is better for brightness 6000k blue or 10000k
  65. US vs. Euro?
  67. Daytime Running Lights Programming?
  68. what parts do i need to change to xenons?
  69. Where can I find HIR bulbs?
  70. Best 9005/9006 bulbs
  71. Daniel: e30: euro ellipsoids or Cibie CSR?
  72. Xenon head lamp guards experiences (more)
  73. WARNING!! I posted this
  74. Are AE xenons low beams adjustable?
  75. Has anyone seen any increase in Xenon theft (m)
  76. has anyone bought these euro light from here?
  77. Any feedback (positive or negative) on (m)
  78. Welcome our newest sponsors!
  79. Thank you for the heads up with hid4less!!
  80. call ed HIDS4less last week and no one answered
  81. Need help replacing fog and indicator lamps
  82. Anyone retrofitting '04 X5 lights into '00-'03 X5?
  83. To The Webmaster
  84. Discoloration in Xenon lights
  85. HIDS4Less
  86. What is the brightest bulb for Halog lights - E39
  87. Amber front fog lamps on e39
  88. blacked out lights - opinions
  89. New headlamp bulb tests released
  90. Where can I get Osram Silverstar bulbs?
  91. Daniel Stern - Thoughts on these lights please
  92. Options for e12
  93. dealer halo AE vs after market AE
  94. aiming xenons
  95. Fog Lights - where to purchase
  96. Osram / Sylvania Silver Star Bulbs
  97. ?? for all electrical experts
  98. Cibie model 53
  99. Clear Side Markers for '99 528i
  100. New Zenon Lights are whiter than the olds ones-WHY
  101. Attn: Daniel Stern!
  102. Toucan Industry lighting question....
  103. Any experiance with Sylvania Xenarc HID lights?...
  104. Any experiance with Sylvania Xenarc HID lamps?
  105. Angel Eye upgrade
  106. So let's suppose I wanted the Osram (m)
  107. Looking for 1 E39 ballast
  108. Looking for 1 E39 ballast
  109. fog light question
  110. Pls help me angel eyes wanted
  111. Any1 know of a DYI for the Xenon transformers?
  112. Got Cibie CSR from Daniel Stern-HOLY COW!
  113. Daniel J. Stern...your input needed..
  114. E39 Headlights explanation
  115. Hey Experts, is this true?
  116. does bixenon shutter solenoir work on 12vdc and...
  117. why do i need bixenon if I have separate high beam
  118. Do phillips diamond vision 5000k H1 bulb give...
  119. Lumens and color temp graphs and pictures
  120. Ballast brackets
  121. need help dropping 12v to 5v
  122. Silverstar bulbs or BMW Xenon
  123. What is a reputable shop to buy celis for 5 series
  124. Where can I buy OSRAM bulbs in Canada?
  125. Headlight Difference, Z3 and 330
  126. Will this work for me?
  127. Bulb went out...
  128. Are 2002 M3 Xenons different than 2001 or 2003 MY?
  129. Got ripped on 330i Xenon deal,help
  130. Is the Bi-Xenon upgrade kit worth it?
  131. Feedback on Hella e36 Xenon Angel Eye Retrofit
  132. Poll : DDE GenV compared to DDE Lighting Plus
  133. Auto-leveling question
  134. Adding Xenon headlights to a 2001 330ci........???
  135. E46 OE Taillight
  136. Possibly adding Sylvania Xenarc Low beams....
  137. What is the difference between Narva BLB and
  138. relay modification for high wattage for H1 bulbs?
  139. BMW xenon installation help needed,reward
  140. Re: Both back-up lights out at the same time
  141. question about LED's in angel eyes...
  142. Need help on distriguish the OEMbi-xenon HID wires
  143. Recomendations Please?
  144. Polarion Philips Based H1 HID retrofit kit
  145. Xenon Headlights
  146. Hallogen AE install question...
  147. Rear light upgrades for 528iT?
  148. E-38 Audio Question for BMW NA
  149. Replacement headlight bulbs
  150. E39 (2000 528i) HID angel eye retro fit ?/help
  151. DDE Lightning installed
  152. Anyone make yellow fog light bulbs (H7)?
  153. H4 question
  154. Light testing Results
  155. which make/type of xenon foglight is best buy for
  156. Xenon help
  157. Looking for the whitest and brighest lights for ..
  158. MTC Lighting LLC.......?
  159. lumens/candlepower information needed
  160. E 39 Halogen to Xenon Angel Eyes
  161. Headlight expert needed for angel eye adjustment..
  162. AE Autoleveling
  163. headlights
  164. I want to replace my OEM bulbs in my \'97 740il
  165. Source for brighter fog lamp bulbs ??
  166. Hello Everyone...Getting Halogen AE\'s...
  167. bmw e36 euro one
  168. Administrivia announcement: site expansion!
  169. Is this the autoleveling sensor for xenons?
  170. Are e30 and e24 dome light relays the same?
  171. Please Help... Installing Smiley Elipsoids
  172. Xenon conversion question...
  173. angel eyes (touring)
  174. Help needed on chosing and install Xenon on Z4
  175. What size bulb for E39 (halogen) - High/Low/Fog
  176. Which is better Xenon HID or Euro Ellipsoids?
  177. Need Help!!! Cleaning my E36 Ellipsoids
  178. What are the best bulbs to use w/halogen AE's?
  179. Low beam failure question xenons
  180. Help with fog lamp bulbs....???
  181. Any thoughts on the Höen xenonmatch bulbs
  182. How do you open up AE's for repair...
  183. Which halogen bulb to pair with 7000K HID's?
  184. Want to do a simple bulb swap for my 01 M Roadster
  185. LED Angel Eyes w/Eyebrows kit installed-INFO/PICS
  186. Turn signal problem on '88 325
  187. Xenon Angel Eyes on E39 help needed
  188. Anyone order from
  189. car
  190. I just got new front lenses for my E39 w/ clear
  191. demon/angel eyes on E46
  192. Similey q'n....
  193. Hi, if u buy a Hella halogen Angel Eye headlights
  194. E39 Xenon Install
  195. E39 Xenon Install...
  196. Need to clean
  197. How to clean Head lamps Glass lens on E38
  198. Where to find 9011 Bulbs without breaking the bank
  199. NE 1 have install instructions for DDE Lightning
  200. anyone looking for xenon bulbs or X5 housings?
  201. I'd like to install e30 ellipsoids in my 79euro635
  202. HELP !!! I need a headlight fix !!?!!??
  203. NHTSA wants to stop our bulb hobby
  205. X5 xeon Left Front signal lamp replacement
  206. Clear tail lights for 1997 E39, do they exist?
  207. X5 4.4i 2000 - What controls the replace lamp sign
  208. Help with AE Aiming
  209. Xenon Vs. Halogen???
  210. Clear Replacement Lenses
  211. Help, my xenon headlights are dead
  212. Xenon light bouncing in light assembly while drive
  213. Has anyone tried bulbs from Hoen?
  214. 2000 E-39 528IClear Tail Lamp posible?
  215. Marchal Amplilux headlamps.
  216. Sev Marchal Amplilux headlamps.
  217. NEED CELIS Tail light parts..
  218. tsunami water screen
  219. X-PEL Headlight Covers
  220. Difficulty installing new igniter
  221. Xenon lights not the same
  222. Best fog light?
  223. Anyone know how or have the DIY for AE?
  224. xenons in an e32
  225. newbie question
  226. E46 Smoked Lenses---First Timer as an E46'er
  227. Angel Eyes Question
  228. Just Recieved my Hoen Xenonmatch\'s
  229. Hella H4/H1 headlamp refurbishing question
  230. Xenon Bulbs?
  231. I want to upgrade my halogens..suggestions.
  232. HID "dip beams"
  233. What are the easiest NON-BiXenon HID projectors
  234. e46 clear lens install
  235. Exactly how much Blue tint is Emitted from..
  236. E34 Hella headlight copies - any good?
  237. Angel Eye Help...
  238. Administrivia: policy on links in posts explained
  239. Brake Light On My Spoiler
  240. Upgrading from \'95. Xenons? Angeleyes?
  241. Has any1 heard from
  242. broken xenon headlight on 1998 540i, looking
  243. Changed Front pointer light E32
  244. Xenons for stock halogen projectors in 2004 X5...
  245. WTB euro ellip for e30 m3 slightly more...
  247. What is the best angel eye kit?
  248. What projectors are in the new E65/E66 7 series?
  249. X5 have autoleveling HID?
  250. Question about clear lenses for a

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