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  1. ANNOUNCE: New Lighting Forum by
  2. Posted 1st message! Sorry, just want to be #1.
  3. could i get a ballpark figure
  4. how do HIDS compare to elipsoids?
  5. how do i change xenon bulbs in an m5?
  6. How about an HID kit for my Cibie H4 lenses?
  7. E39/2001/Euro Spec/Xenon factory (Hella), and ...
  8. 1995 BMW 525
  9. HID bulbs
  10. Where are the headlights for E31's ?
  11. 2000 540i w/Xenon.. how much for AE?
  12. HID upgrade for \'96 E38 - Do I need...(more)
  13. I'd like to upgrade my '97 E36 to HIDs. Can>>>
  14. Is there a price list for members or a % off? HID4
  15. Do your homework before "upgrading" to HIDs
  16. Let me introduce myself...
  17. Thanks for the input. Am getting my upgrade from
  18. Angel Eyes for My Z4? Is it possible...
  19. Possible to retrofit HID to Euro Angel Eyes?
  20. is there an option for new optics on a z3?
  21. I installed stage 2 Hids4less AEs, now I want Fogs
  22. IS there any group buy for the phillips 6000K?
  23. Thanks Hids4less! Great forum!
  24. 325i headlight conversion
  25. Jeff, could u post something about Bi-Xenon tech?
  26. 2001- Fogs
  27. HIDs for foglamps on E38 7series set off warning?
  29. Light upgrade options for my '73 BMW 2002
  30. Thinking of making my own Angel Eyes for my E24...
  32. Questin on xenons and halogens...............
  33. jeff, hid for the x5
  34. If I don't answer your question E-mail me!
  35. Warrenty Question
  36. HID for E34's
  37. Lighting upgrade for '73 3.0 CS Coupe...
  38. 93 750il low beam anybody replaced them
  39. tell me about ungrade to HID for my 01 525i hallo
  40. best fog lights( aftermarket)??
  41. Angel Eyes and/or HID for E28
  42. FAO Jeff...
  43. I'm looking for a good price on Halogen AE's...
  44. Yellow fogs
  45. Silverstars
  46. Angel Eyes for E46 M3
  47. DOT Amber light laws - Jeff!
  48. OK I\"m still hestant about getting HIDs for my....
  49. Stock BMW Xenons after purchasing car
  50. Best Bulb for Xenon Look...
  51. Some CELIS light questions
  52. lighting upgrade for e24
  53. HID upgrades
  54. Upgrade 98 540i from Halogen to HID+AE
  55. Jeff anymore news or updates on the z3
  56. What is the stock rating/brightness of an e46 w/
  57. Lumen rating for Philips 4300k vs. 6000k?
  58. 2003 Z4 2.5 Lighting.
  59. Z3 Projector Headlight Project. For all interested
  60. Are stock e46 Xenon's 4300k???
  61. Clear Corners
  62. What's the best price....
  63. Has anyone with an E30 BMW (ellipsoid) added.....
  64. Hey \"HIDS 4 LESS\" folks (m)
  65. WTB OE E39 non-AE amber turn xenons
  66. Help! License plate bulbs ..
  67. Has anyone changed the color of E39 halos? :)
  68. Hey HIDS4Less where are my tail lens' you promised
  69. Re:Halogen Angel Eyes Headlight with Clear Corner
  70. HID4LESS says their HID kits are special vs. other
  71. Jeff question on the z3 project
  72. HIDs cheaper
  73. A few good men
  74. jeff@hid, can you get rear cellis with amber turn
  75. Jeff-I need your advice about xenons(m)
  76. LED tail comparisons (pics?)
  77. replacement HID bulbs only?
  78. 93 750il Sylvania Silverstars
  79. Need Ellipsoid Headlight, Passenger Side
  80. projectors
  81. light search
  82. I can't get through to HIDS4LESS - more
  83. yellow fog bulbs for e46?
  84. Replacement bulb for Angel Eyes (euro)?
  85. BMW Z3 Projectors
  86. Help with xenon upgrade please.
  87. Help with xenon upgrade please. (sorry, double)
  88. Jeff, amber bulbs?
  89. Stage II kits for E39 from HID4LESS
  90. Re:Upgrade 98/JUNE 540i Xenon Headlight
  91. Angel Eye Kits
  92. Relay/Resistor Packs
  93. Want to convert from non-AE xenon to AE xenons
  94. E39 Angel Eyes
  95. Question for Jeff@hids4less
  96. 6000K D2S Ultinon Special
  97. Jeff, any pics of the Z3 angel eyes?
  98. Z4
  99. Have Xenons, Want AE xenons, E39
  100. Heat concerns w/Halogen >> Xenon upgrades?
  101. Question for Jeff or anyone else....
  102. Dumb Question regarding quotes for AE
  103. Re: Calypsodiver X5 question.
  104. 740iL Lighting Upgrade
  105. Halogen AEs & DRLs
  106. Can the Z3 be converted to HID\'S?......
  107. 100 watt H1 foglight bulbs.. too much ?
  108. Best price 4 AEs Halogen for my e39
  109. Manual headlight vertical-aim control kit (long)
  110. M-5 corners
  111. Buying Xenon AE's from 03 M5 for my 97 540
  112. E38 + Omnitecmotorsport demon eye II
  113. HID bulb difference/Hella vs. Philips
  114. 528i w/ xenons and I would like to buy a
  115. Any need a pair of E46 ballasts/bulbs?
  116. Xenon bulbs 35 vs 50 watts
  117. I'm Looking for xenon bulbs/ballast for 98 E39
  118. Will e46 ballasts/bulbs below work with my 98 E39?
  119. Anybody know silverstar part # for LB 528i?
  120. Any reason why Angel Eyes won't fit a pre-98
  121. E30 "Angel Eyes"
  122. Any benefit to angel eye upgrade from '00 xenon?
  123. No response from
  124. HID retrofit for E38
  125. Sylvania Silver Star
  126. looking for feedback - US elipsoid vs non
  127. E46 Angel/Demon eyes professional instal in Boston
  128. why is response time on this site soooooo slow????
  129. Clear front silver bulbs ?
  130. FYI - Hella making OEM-Style Angels for E36!
  131. HID bulb difference/Hella vs. Philips
  132. Jeff you got mail; need to know shipping info
  133. Jeff@hids...I bought E36 Angel Eyes from you guys
  134. E46 Angel install in Miami...any recomendations??
  135. Jeff any updates on the z3 project??
  136. Any jimmy 540i users out there?
  137. JEFF! can you send me a confirmation email?
  138. Jeff - Std. fog light to Xenon upgrade...
  139. Jeff@hids4less: when are 6000ks shipping out?
  140. SILVER turn signal bulbs
  141. Please Advise==>HID kit for my e36.....
  142. H11 options for fogs? Xenon or fake xenon?
  143. Attn: JEFF! Any specials for HID H1 KITS for E36?
  144. Buying 2 E36 Stg II kits w/ angel eyes..
  145. What to do about Angel Eye Harness!! HELP
  146. Philips Vision Plus or Osram Silver Star,
  147. Any one have pics of euro crystal clear corners..
  148. KRYPTON- Purple/White Xenon bulbs..more
  149. Xenon fog lamps
  150. I'm having problems with HID kit.
  151. Purchase question for Jeff
  152. Looking for e39 ballast and bulbs factory lights
  153. '97 528i Wiring Diagram
  154. Angel eyes on a 00 750il.... need some help
  155. yellow fog light bulbs
  156. Jeff! Ship out the Ultinons already! :)
  157. Anyone use PIAA Xtreme whites for high beams?
  158. Jeff, last week I was on the phone
  159. How do you wire side marker as park lights 325 02?
  160. Angel Eye adjustment guide anybody?
  161. 9006 and H11 bulbs are interchangeable? Tor F?
  162. Facory Xenon Kit for my 2000 BMW 323i
  163. Stage I or Stage II
  164. foglight replacement questions
  165. Xenon conversion for 95 740iL
  166. ANGEL/DEMON Eyes Kit HELP
  167. Low Beam Failure Error
  168. Z3 headlight bulbs
  169. Best price for E39 foglight lens?
  170. Jeff- Z3 projector pics yet?
  171. Jeff, waiting for answer to e-mail I sent you
  172. M5 HID fog conversion
  173. TailLight Poblem can anyone help ???
  174. M5 CLear corner lights
  175. Jeff@Hids4less, got my lights, no harness
  176. 2002 sedan foglight replacement
  177. Jeff, when will the 6000K ship?
  178. Jeff, how about a price on ballast Sp2
  179. Re: ballast for xenon AE
  180. jimmy540 xenon users
  181. question for stage 2 upgrade...
  182. Angel Eyes for E39
  183. Jeff, Foglight upgrade?????
  184. Silver Star consensus
  185. AE problem with wagons (iT)
  186. Sylvania HID conversions on sale
  187. Can you put higher watt bulbs in the Low-beams?
  188. Philips Blue Vision bulb for AE E39 Highbeam
  190. Jeff Just Order a d2s upgrade
  191. fog light upgrades any suggestions
  192. Where can I buy the PIAA Ion Yellow 9006's???
  193. Jeff Attention please and all z3 people
  194. Sport Headlight Look ????
  195. headlight cover question after lens replaacement
  196. Angel Eyes
  197. HID fogs for E46 M3, is it available? I have (m)
  198. 9006 H4 and 9006 HB4, are they different?
  199. I want to buy the Bi-Xenon....
  200. Hella Scholt Angel Eyes on an E38
  201. Does ne1 offer white front turn signal bulbs 4 e39
  202. HID and Angel Eyes installation in Miami?????????
  203. Angel Eye Color Change?
  204. Stock 4300K Xenon D2R AE Low Beam vs Blue D2R 6000
  205. Where do I get ellipsoid Lights for my E30?
  206. How to move the Xenon?
  207. Headlight bulb comparison-more
  208. best hid bulb
  209. Anybody getting rid of OE ballast for 99 e39?
  210. 6000k upgrades...what's the best price for a pair
  211. HID ADJUSTMENT............HELP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  212. xtravision vs. premium/hi-visibility
  213. Any group buys for 6000k upgrade bulbs soon?
  214. Paging JEFF@HID4LESS
  215. jeff any word from phillips?
  216. Questions about AE's as DRL's
  217. Jeff please email me!
  218. Welcome our newest sponsors!
  219. Where to buy cheapest fog light-not frame. Thanks
  220. D2S 4300K ,H7 Blue vision 4100K,Sliver bulbs
  221. Euro Hella Elliposid question e30
  222. Xenon Headlights
  223. Headlight bulb keeps fallin out ...PLEASE HELP!!!!
  224. fog lamp bulbs for e32
  225. Jeff, Money Order is on the way for the relay
  226. What is best lighting upgrade for '99 528I?
  227. Is the ballast broken?
  228. Anyone have the new Hella w/ Angel eyes (e36)?
  229. Not so happy with brand new Xenon. Any ideas?
  230. Is there anyway to get that sharp bright light
  231. Best Bulb match for xenons in 03 e46 for fogs?
  232. Attention Jeff!!
  233. Need fog light-more
  234. Bi- xenon question for 2003 M3.
  235. How hard is it to replace 2k540's tail light
  236. Question: Re: Sylvania Xenarc 6054 Seal Beam
  237. How can I get strobes in my Z3?
  238. My xenons aren't as bright as others...Why?
  239. What bulbs do halogen AE\'s use, and can you upgrad
  240. Jeff ------> Any bulbs yet? (6000k Ultinons) ?
  241. Need ballast for 99 e39 SP2
  242. Stock vs. Plasma Ion Yellow on E46 M3 2002
  244. converting to xenon
  245. Re: Jeff Have orders ben shipped?
  246. xenon bulbs for projector H1's?
  247. 95 m3 light upgrade question:
  248. Does Osram make Silver Star H1 bulbs? >>>>
  249. Jeff or Michael @ HID4LESS....
  250. For Jeff@HIDS4LESS

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