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  1. Welcome to the new Lotus Elise board!
  2. FIRST non-admin post! woohoo.
  3. Palm Beach Motorcars, $500 deposit, #1 on list.
  4. Awesome
  5. You guys are really good...thanks...more
  6. What, I got here before dp?
  7. Hey Alan! Can I have a Healey MB?
  8. Who's got an "Esprit R" from the "Escort Series"
  9. It's an all M Coupe cast! Tells you something ...
  10. Repost of Elise gallery...
  11. Ahhh...
  12. Oh yeah, and #6 on Star Motor Cars of Houston
  13. for those not from the mcoupe board :)
  14. hi everyone! :) lotus of orange county, #18, $3000
  15. Congrats on this new Board!
  16. Hey, how about a group Elise buy???
  17. Autoexpress news on Elise...
  18. Big ugly bumper
  19. Hey, doesn't everyone here own a M coupe?
  20. POLL: How much was your deposit?
  21. Some orange S1 pics...
  22. an informative elise site in the uk
  23. Important Question - How much $$$?
  24. dp, what are you going to do?
  25. #2 of 2 on the list at Palm Beach Motorcars - $500
  26. Alan just kicked me over here...Wow, BTW #5
  27. N1 in so cal w/ deposit's wanna test drive elise?
  28. How is color/option allocation working?
  29. Some Elise (S1) videos...
  30. New Dealers for North Carolina?
  31. DP...a question.
  32. Rolex 24hr Pics posted...
  33. Alan: moved from M coupe board
  34. Purchasing a sport 190
  35. keeping the kids out.
  36. Lotus and M coupe - Heritage ?
  37. MSRP guarantee
  38. Webmaster, re: message board sidebar
  39. Elise deposits and color choices
  40. Alan, i haven't recieved your email. did u send 1?
  41. So anyone try Boardwalk in Redwood City?
  42. Hope you guys don't mind an e30 M3 driver posting
  43. With only $100 I'm #7 at Princeton...I can't wait!
  44. What to do about warranty claims?
  45. What the?!?! How did I miss this MB starting
  46. Are there any non-M Coupe owners here?
  47. What dealer should I place my deposit with?
  48. 340R - any more available?
  49. Exige
  50. Could someone explain the diff between Exige&Elise
  51. Elise shift feel (dp?)
  53. More Chrome Orange pics...
  54. Am I alone in thinking that S1 better looking?
  55. Diffuser fins and gullwings?
  56. Poll for deposit holders regarding MSRP
  57. top gear review of elise 135
  58. Couple of questions for dp
  59. Speaking of engine choices
  60. majorbonr: Where is the 340R? Which dealer? Thnks
  61. Elise Color site
  62. Anybody have Motorvision review of S2?
  63. Link to an Elise site my friend told me about
  64. Tiff from Top Gear flogging an S1 Elise
  65. Highway Driving
  66. So nice...
  67. Exige question
  68. best motoring 01/02 has a short review of elise...
  69. Chicago Auto Show ........... Picture
  70. an old pic i found on my pc
  71. Lotus 340R on eBay right now...
  72. Factory tour here I come!!!
  73. Where in FL
  74. How many here have driven an Elise? not me...
  75. Z5 vs. Elise S2..
  76. Uploaded Elise/Exige sales literature on site
  77. Chicago Auto Show - Pictures
  78. $100 deposit and Sports Cars and Specialists will
  79. Poll: What color will you order???
  80. Exige video...
  81. Motor tech question.... (long & boring)
  82. Elise and Exige brochures
  83. 340R on ebay and no takers (reasons)
  84. John Player Special-Edition (news???)
  85. $100 Deposits, Where besides NJ are they?
  86. dp, what am I looking at here?
  87. the most complete article on S2 i've found...
  88. Anyone going to wait til they test drive
  89. Are "normal" sized people going to fit?
  90. Important Touring Question: How big is the trunk?
  91. apparently the list at fox valley is 44 deep now
  92. CARFAX help Please! on an Lotus.
  93. S2 with hardtop
  94. Elise Watch: Elise a Hit at the LA Auto Show
  95. Seems like the Elise craze has slowed down.
  96. Karl,
  97. Karl,
  98. Lot's O' Pic's
  99. Well looks like no Elise for me...
  100. Word from Tom Skinner @ Gaithersburg Lotus is:
  101. Called Boardwalk Lotus in Northern CA.
  102. March 24: Me, a Lotus Elise & the Silverstone
  103. Sat in an S2 in HK, my observations ....
  104. Can I Buy Street Legal Elise in US?
  105. Elise on eBay in U.S. right now...
  106. LOTUS emblem for sale
  107. Elan for sale.
  108. Elise S2 Engine Noise
  109. New Lotus Dealer in Central Texas
  110. Well.. I'm #14 at Criswell in MD. La·de·da -
  111. since it's been a bit slow here lately...
  112. Engine choice we haven't thought of yet.
  113. just sat in an S2.
  114. New Car & Driver
  115. New toy for AutoX & other fun events....
  116. Type 72 for 2002
  117. Remember that blue/tan Elise 111s on ebay....
  118. Is your Elise the best thing in your life ?
  119. Question for those who have put deposits..
  120. What color, if same colors available?
  121. Lotus brand game headed to XBox
  122. Exige on ebay
  123. Novel color scheme.
  124. I just saw tumbleweed roll by.
  125. Any whiff of a rumor re: mk2 based exige?
  126. Elise Premium
  127. Pistonheads poster says engine has been chosen,,,
  128. saw a dark blue S2 in tokyo...
  129. Does the Brand of Engine make it a lesser Lotus?
  130. me thinks RS6 looking better than Elise S2 now...
  131. Drove the S2 today on Silverstone today!!!!
  132. Will the US-spec S2 have a soft or hardtop?
  133. just got back from check'n out the s2.......
  134. Lotus Factory Tour (briefly)
  135. how much will the elise cost?
  136. Chairman of Proton resigns along with four others
  137. Elise in BayArea
  138. Are these going to be optional in the US? NICE!!!
  139. colors of elise
  140. Sport Compact Car comps Elise and Cobra R
  141. List of available colors?
  142. 120 hp? Is this true?
  143. Factory Tour with more detail...
  144. Elise FS in Chicago
  145. Lotus & Proton at Silverstone
  146. Hey DP -
  147. I had a dream that received my Elise last night!
  148. interesting news
  149. If this is true, I'm taking back my deposit
  150. Lotus Elise (S2) Type 72
  151. Toyota vvti engine
  152. #3 at Ascot Motor Cars in Pittsburgh, @ MSRP.
  153. So I guess this is what the next 18 months are
  154. Introduction
  155. OT: Saw a Europa last weekend..
  156. Ok, whose garage is this...
  157. AC adds only 33lbs.
  158. OT - the westfield hits the street!
  159. Red top on Elise S2 at Atlanta show...
  160. Elise 3000
  161. So is it official, Toyota 190hp engine?
  162. Elise vs Mustang Cobra R
  163. Saw this at Road Atlanta last w/e
  164. Question on deposits
  165. Called to place deposit - Flaky Dealer?
  166. Elise in R&T - 2nd place in a pretty cool comparo
  167. EVO mag has a couple of great articles regarding
  168. somewhat OT - some sevens fun today
  169. Are Caterham's street legal in the US?
  170. Elise S2 Sport 190
  171. Pro Race Driver
  172. Some nice Elise pics courtesy of Ben FR (M3 board)
  173. Deposits/Price
  174. Exige comming to US?
  175. News from Car&Driver web site
  176. Price of 2001 Elise SPEC racers (single seat)
  177. Air Conditioning Retrofit Question
  178. Elise in Canada??
  179. Do dealers have floor models of the S2 Elise?
  180. awesome lotus track day at PIR
  181. Awesome Lotus track day at Imola ;-P 16 pics
  182. Is there any trunk/luggage space in the Elise?
  183. Difference between Exige and Motorsport Elise?
  184. It's official!!!!!!!! (maybe)
  185. Car & Driver on Opal Spedster/VX220
  186. Will there be EVIL dealer markup on the Elise?
  187. Lotus M250? What happened to it :( :(
  188. Rumours resurfacing again
  189. Dealership/ ordering and other information???
  190. Elise Video. u think that might be a 190?
  191. Everything dealers know about the US Elise
  192. Everything Autoweek knows about the US Elise
  193. Everything we know about the US Elise
  194. Just bought a Motor Sport Elise!
  195. Photo Gallery Announcement
  196. RS4 powered Elise?
  197. Sent in deposit for the long wait......
  198. is Elise a easy car to work on yourself ??
  199. s4/rs4? power elise (link)
  200. R rated Elise videos (1)
  201. R rated Elise videos (2)
  202. US model Elise coming?
  203. Off to LeMans! Judging by posts on. . .
  204. Elan Board?
  205. How fast is US car 0-60 ??
  206. RS4-powered Elise story on
  207. working on elise at home
  208. NE1 know oil type for 1995 esprit
  209. Need Elise now, M is sMashed
  210. Hey dp -- Greetings from a fellow S190 owner
  211. US Elise is a go...
  212. Pics of my Elise Sport 190
  213. Whats up with Sunspeed
  214. elise adventure at thunderhill
  215. How do you register a 190 Sport for the street?
  216. Lotus news
  217. Lotus makes a 207mph go-kart
  218. Exige vs. Murcielago with a Sport 300 thrown in
  219. portland historic races
  220. Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix this weekend
  221. Type 119 race results are in...
  222. Canadian Dealers (taking orders now?)
  223. NE1 want my spot @ Star Motors in Houston?
  224. Spotted yellow one in irvine, ca last night
  225. Elise in new video game
  226. Experiences with dealers- Elise deposits
  227. OK..what is wrong with all the pics on this board?
  228. Does Lotus have a factory delivery option?
  229. 1967 Lotus Elan windshield
  230. dp - if you could only keep one of your toys...
  231. More Engine Rumours
  232. latest inf on the US Elise
  233. A 2600lb Elise that flies
  234. Word is, Jan 2004 now.
  235. What should i do?
  236. is the 340R legal in Canada or the U.S?
  237. Maybe another alternative?
  238. speaking of 'vaporware', the race is on!
  239. speaking of 'vaporware', the race is on!
  240. Lotus of Orange County???
  241. tailhappy elise
  242. Website with some great interior shots
  243. Elise spotted on Lake Shore Drive in Chicago
  244. pay the price?
  245. bad news in Michigan
  246. web site with mods available
  247. Southern California canyon run tomorrow
  248. Australian Lotus site info. Elise Pricing, etc.
  249. Elise S2 Type 72 JPS. Yummy !
  250. Where is the closest Lotus dealer in N. Cal??

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