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  1. PC Lite
  2. anyone try Novus 1, 2, 3? or...
  3. One thing I've noticed with the water blade is
  4. Steves independnt test wk 4
  5. Some Zaino Observations
  6. caked on brakedust taht wont go away
  7. so... regarding cleaning wheels and P21S...
  8. newbie basics guide to waxing/cleaning?
  9. zaino
  10. Where's the cheapest place to buy Magic clay bar?
  11. Yet Another ZAINO question....
  12. polishing wheels
  13. Opinions please
  14. WetSand 2000 Langka Light Scratch Repair
  15. What do you know about color sanding?
  16. Should i get touch up work done b4 or after
  17. What is the min air temp needed to wax?
  18. AIO topped w/ others?
  19. Opinions on 3m finesse-it
  20. Who takes their wheels off to clean them?
  21. 7424 on it's way :) pads on hold :(
  22. ?s about finer points of 303 and Gummi Pflege
  23. SOT: How do you guys care for your leather jacket
  24. Help!!! Windshield scratches!!!
  25. OT? Sander/polisher
  26. Please answer im sorry its stupid
  27. Steve, are you following me to work? :)
  28. PC for different cars = different pads?
  29. Does SME and GEPC benefit light color cars?
  30. Scratches from wet sanding paint chips
  31. Help with front stone chips - Black Wax?
  32. Detail shop in Northern VA?
  33. wheel cleaner
  34. Someone posted a ranking of 3M products....
  35. AIO and P21S question for Steve
  36. Goo from update
  37. Zaino or Zymol for Black e38...Opinions!
  38. Please check / critique my PC technique
  39. Are the 17 " 530i wheels clear coated? What would
  40. Glass cleaning
  41. Waxing my M3 18" wheels, need advice
  42. Do you have to Dawn b/4 polishing and waxing?
  43. which buffer/ orbitor do ya'll recommend
  44. Black spots, maybe tar?
  45. Blackfire Deep Gloss Spray. I'm confused..
  46. Leatherique VS Pinnacle Conditioner
  47. A problem with a very clean car...
  48. Looking for protectant for new rear window
  49. Proper way to clean instrument panel? / Plexus
  50. ? for hcat7 re: 3M product info
  51. 530 i wood trim - what do you pros use to remove
  52. Which leather conditioner to use to preserve matte
  53. Welcome our newest sponsors!
  54. P21S question
  55. Platinum UPP ? for Nick
  56. Layering Carnuba over a Synthetic is a gimmick....
  57. Meguire's products?
  58. Collinite insulator VS doublecoat VS UPP
  59. What are the opinions on 1-step cleaner waxes?
  60. Zaino help in Connecticut with z-6
  61. Looking for a good detailer in Fair Lakes, VA area
  62. No dust settle???
  63. Scratched Glass on ZO6 Update....
  64. severe water spotting problem
  65. Painting my track helmet
  66. I have the cleanest car in North Carolina.
  67. What can I use in lieu of Z7 Car Wash?
  68. Rock do I hide them?
  69. Same question about Dawn was b4 SMR, to clarify
  70. Clay Video for newbies
  71. The best dash board protectant?...(m)
  72. My first time using the PC 7424.......
  73. Safe to use Vinager/water mix on paint?
  74. zaino on front and rear bumper of a 330i ?
  75. Just took some photos in garage.
  76. what's the difference between waffle weave drying
  77. Z-9 & Z-10, any comments or tips on using it?
  78. Embedded particles in black paint, help!
  79. I need to vent, help with door dings!!
  80. Has anyone tried Zymol cleaner wax?
  81. hand (non-PC) prep for Zaino
  82. 303 and Gummi Pflege source? (more)
  83. Best place to buy Lake Country Pads online?
  84. Carnuba look with a Synthetic Finish...
  85. Should I apply IHG with a PC white pad or by hand?
  86. Best place to by pads for PC other than CMA?
  87. Do you guys cover your car with something while in
  88. Amateur Window Cleaning Question
  89. Are there any stores that carry PS21??
  90. soiler on e85
  91. A question about Raggtopp protectant
  92. Should I wash my MF towels before the first use?
  93. Cleaning rough satin aluminum?
  94. Pinnacle and P21s
  95. plastic rear window
  96. Does Zaino provide any UV protection?(m)
  97. Tire Treatment Question....(m)
  98. how does this sound for detailing?
  99. What am missing the PC 7424 and the PC 7336
  100. Help with removing sap+
  101. 3M Selection Question
  102. DIY car wash in hoboken or Jersey City, NJ??
  103. Why Z-7 wash after GEPC, before 1st Z6/Z2?
  104. Question about IHG
  105. I finally used Zaino today!...... (more)
  106. bird crap left some sort of damage on my hood...
  107. Terry Towel or Soft Cotton Diaper Cloth?
  108. Ink On Leather
  109. Aluminum Wheels Flaking??
  110. Porter Cable Counter Weight Help Please
  111. Has anyone seen a wheel brush like this?
  112. Two towel drying method with Wayne's MF towels
  113. novus 3 step vs. meguiars
  114. PC 7424 counterweight
  115. First use P/C observations
  116. Not a ding, not a chip...??
  117. Should 3M SMR be applied before or after glaze? TIA!
  118. What is the difference between swirl remover for
  119. How do you clean the black 'Pepper' specs off (m)
  120. Easter Detail and Collinite
  121. Week 5: UPDATE - Dulon, Klasse, Plat, Zaino
  122. Holy Toxic Shiznit, Batman! (repost)
  123. Langka Question
  124. Help with M Roadster/Coupe wheels!
  125. Hood /Dealer scratches
  126. Top 5 "tips" heard while detailing the new Z4
  127. quick question about IHG/GEPC
  128. 2-3 day detailing job
  129. Help with new 530i
  130. Please recommend some online stores
  131. How to "Buff it out" ?
  132. quick detailer and wheel wax questions
  133. SMR question
  134. Heads-up to sellers of cars here and elsewhere...
  135. Cleaning interior of headlight covers
  136. Best store bought cleaner wax
  137. Suggest a really good detailer in Enfield, CT area
  138. Be very careful with Brake Cleaner............
  139. Detailed the M3 this weekend..........
  140. sorry newbie question
  141. Windows
  142. Clay bar recommended after colorsand/polish?
  143. Good place online to buy claybars?
  144. How to restore dull rubber mats?
  145. Thanks for help. Pics of new car.
  146. what do people think of RainEx
  147. cant find supplier for 3m in the UK?
  148. Is there a link to re painting standard BMW alloy
  149. Mustang GT waterproof/resistant seat covers
  150. In reference to bird poop on hood post
  151. anyone use Rain-X Ultra wax on car? results?
  152. Possible Northern California detailing event - -
  153. Griots Garage Boars Hair Brush
  154. It's buffing time :) + pad size Q
  155. I detailed my car today thanks to the Guru's Help
  156. best body shop in San Diego
  157. Thanks to Nick, Steve L and hcat7!
  158. Zaino tenderfoot
  159. Interesting. Check this out.
  160. Microfiber is the best dust rag I have ever used!
  161. Dawn (should be a FAQ)
  162. Interesting wax test>>>
  163. california duster question
  164. After speaking with the Guru...
  165. About to order car care products. Help pls
  166. Hole In Leather
  167. Slightly off topic [Oops!] ?
  168. broken.. how to fix rock chips?
  169. Thanks to Wayne I've made the commitment to a PC.
  170. Do we all suffer from obsessive compulsive
  171. I have to go back to work:(
  172. Need HELP with leather cleaning, please!!!
  173. New car care questions.
  174. Just refinished rims, How long to wait before wax.
  175. does the Bav Auto headlight restorer work?
  176. Detail Weekend
  177. aaargh! water spots!
  178. 303 or just plain water....
  179. Clay versus fine cut rubbing compound...(m)
  180. Cleaning Properties of P21S Wheel Gel
  181. Meguiars #20. How's it rate as a synthetic?
  182. Somebody help... !!!
  183. New Paint, do i have to wait before I
  184. Info in detailing wheel wells?
  185. P/C + M-82 + water....results
  186. New Guy...Help!!
  187. How do I zaino my wheels?
  188. Question about coin-ops....
  189. Zaino Detailing Service in Western Massachusetts?
  190. Really dirty wheels
  191. Car Wash Products
  192. Anyone have a link for High temp products?
  193. Detail Weekend - Follow Up (Nick T. and Steve L)
  194. Clear Coat Craking
  195. car wax
  196. How do you protect it without making it slippery?
  197. how to get rid of caked on brake dust spots?
  198. Anyone have any bad things to say about PC use?
  199. rubber seals/trim treatments??? (more)
  200. Tire dressing question ? ? ?
  201. SMR vs GEPC
  202. Anyone successful removing from wood trim those
  203. When people say 'Klasse' on wheels...
  204. IHG and washing prior to Zaino
  205. Touchup paint from BMW dealership?
  206. Favorite leather conditioner?
  207. Dirty Old E23
  208. Nick T. Glad 2C UR Back...Wanted UR thoughts...
  209. P21S or Klasse AIO?
  210. Questions about Zaino/ZFX combo...
  211. Will SMR, GEPC, or IHG stain blk platic or rubber?
  212. New to detailing
  213. Z1/Z2 ok to us on glass& plastic headlight covers?
  214. best product to remove spiderwebing?
  215. Is it just me... This board is
  216. Q's for experienced PC users wrt. Meguiar's prods.
  217. How do you remove vomit smell from interior?
  218. New to forum...taking the plunge...
  219. Black Fire product questions
  220. Engine bay detailing???
  221. new white suburban
  222. Steve, when is Guru gonna test brake pads?
  223. Throwing in the "detailing towel"
  224. are you sure Dawn is ok on a new (3 month old) car
  225. Finally some photos outside. (BIG pics)
  226. Finally...buffed & Zainoed
  227. What setting # for PC7424 when use SMR / PI-III?
  228. Difference between 3M
  229. Pics of today's work
  230. Meguiars machine glaze#3
  231. Invinca-Shield surface prep questions
  232. clay bar worth doing?
  233. Tocco Magico comments...Steve you may know this 1
  234. Griots Speed Shine
  235. Swissol not listed in Guru Wax Report
  236. DACP>GEPC>P21S
  237. what works best to remove marker/ pen from int.?
  238. Where can I pick up some 3M products?
  239. Blackfire update - -
  240. DeWalt Random Orbital
  241. Wax froze, still good after thawing?
  242. How would I remove paint on the front bumber blind
  243. Where can I get Zaino Mailorder?
  244. Anyone ever use Menzerna Final Polish??
  245. I just ordered the Guru and Glass report
  246. Lemon in the Sun
  247. I put a small microfiber towel on my Swiffer
  248. Dawn to wash prior to first claybar use?
  249. caliper painting
  250. P21S or some type of Carnuba Wax?

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