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View Full Version : BMW 3 Series - BMW E90

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  1. Wonderful!
  2. When is the new 3 due?
  3. MY'06 or MY'05?
  4. Transmissions for E90
  5. Well all-righty then! Cool to have e90 forum
  6. Should I get Leather or Leatherette
  7. Any Info about E90 engine?
  8. when will we see the convertible model (m)
  9. Yeah !! Finally an E90 board.
  10. Will we get an E90 330iT? How many years must
  11. Any links to Proto E-90 pics
  12. Invoice prices on the E90?
  13. E90 Rumors/ Expectations Listed Here
  14. Should I get the E90 or wait for the E97?
  15. Finally!
  16. are they really stupids?????
  17. Steptronic or Manual?
  18. Pic of E90 from E46 board
  19. M4 Weight Distribution
  20. Vote: V8 or Turbo I6
  21. E90 convertible
  22. F1 fans, join us in Formula RaodF1y
  23. Will BMW make a 3.2l I-6 to power E90s??
  24. less camoed E90s?
  25. Who would buy a 320i E90?
  26. I-Drive, Yes or No for E90?
  27. Pic of new 4-series in new Car and Driver.
  28. Please post the pic of E90 from autozeitung mag.
  29. Maintenance Program Upgrade...
  30. Regarding E90 interior...
  31. Just me, or does the E90 look like the G35
  32. April R&T has the three AutoBild/Huckfeldt cgi's
  33. Exactly which looks the closest?
  34. AutoZeitung Pic
  35. Trying to decide between \'04 S4 or wait for e90 M3
  36. Officially insane now
  37. Future of the E90 M3
  38. My nightmare.
  39. Tony, maybe I missed it but how did you get
  40. Tony does the front of the car look similar to
  41. 3.0 Liter I6
  42. Can we resume what we know about E90
  43. Does anyone think that the 4-series will be viewed
  44. Is there a waitlist yet for the E90 M series? thx
  45. Just put my deposit down for the E90
  46. I just put a deposit on my future wife
  47. rear and profil of E90 (for Tony)
  48. Tony, what about this CGI from AutoZeitung?
  49. E90\'s back (Tony plz)
  50. Lease expires in 7/05, will the E90 be out then?
  51. Tony, does the interior resemble any current car
  52. News update from AutoZeitung
  53. From the rumors, it sounds like...
  54. Autospies 3-series (E90) Info
  55. BMW is losing it
  56. Inside E90 information (for Tony)
  57. Upcoming Lineup Assuming 4er\'s and Turbos
  58. When is the coupe due to be released?
  59. Buy Now or Buy Later?
  60. One day we will all laugh at this
  61. Not bad... looks more like 6 series...
  62. Maybe I'll have hard time choosing between
  63. When is the new 3coupe out, best time to tradein?
  64. Looks based on Tony\'s view
  65. Hello everyone
  66. Offical Release of E90?
  67. When will the new E90 Convertible be introduced?
  68. Production Pics here?
  69. Rear sunshade for the 3 series
  70. video of E90 at the Nurburgring
  71. Video looks like an IS300?
  72. E90 release date
  73. Automobile Magazine Includes Several Beamers
  74. Hard-Top Convertible Question
  75. mattie, looks like autospies stole your pic
  76. Next IS300 design is amazing... switching to lexus
  77. Dealer said E90 coming out as 2005 Model Year
  78. So I\'m telling mom to wait for the e90
  79. Does the new 3 will receive the
  80. Some new infos from a french mag
  81. New M3 Picture
  82. New e90 picture from autospies
  83. All-wheel drive e90?
  84. Another impression (E90)
  85. New E90 Coupe???
  86. Who is actually thinking about buying on of the...
  87. No need for artist\'s renderings, the May Issue of
  88. Will the E90 3-Series top of the line model have..
  89. E90 Spy Pics Gallery - add more if you like
  90. When is the official unveiling of the new 3 series
  91. Next gen E90 picks in E46 forum, not impressive,
  92. The e90 isn't going to have active steering is it?
  93. Bangle\'s Final Kick in the Nuts (Hopefully)
  94. 2005 auto shows
  95. Regensburg plant closed in October
  96. the kind you marry
  97. E90 in so cal
  98. huh
  99. I6 engines for E90 made of...
  100. Pic of the 4er
  101. engine options?
  102. Pics of E90 Mule with E60
  103. When Will The E90 Be Available In The U.S.?
  105. Attn: POZ3UR do you work for bmw?
  106. When Will The E90 3 Series Be Available In The U.S
  107. Will E90 (or at least photos) be shown @ the BMW..
  109. I may get a z4 the styling is killing me.
  110. New E90 pics
  111. News Flash: e90 timeline
  112. No 4-series
  113. New E90 Renders, Engine Specs
  114. What might have happened at BMW planning
  115. pics at auto motor und sport
  116. Some Questions to You "Experts"
  117. 335i and/or 535i? Twin-turbocharged 3 liter gas...
  118. Audio-System e90
  119. e90 interior?
  120. Is anybody concerned about quality?
  121. Autobild\'s 3 Series Report - Pics + Summary
  122. New 3 spotted in So. Cal
  123. New 3SERIES Coupe expected arrival date?????
  124. E90 Steering Wheel
  125. 2005 G35 sedan will have 280HP and coupe will have
  126. New 3.0l Inline 6 in September
  127. Considering this new E90 engine...
  128. is the 05 330 sedan going to be the new body style
  129. Way Off Topic- Import an Alfa to the US
  130. 335d Confirmed
  131. I saw the new freakin 3Series E90 here in Vegas...
  132. Good article about new 3.0 inline six engine
  133. e46 coupe
  134. Hereīs a pic
  135. BMW's next-generation Inline six-cyl, the "R6"
  136. New E90 pics
  137. It is just me? the E90 looks ugly..ouch!
  138. hurray - they didnt BANGLE the butt! maybe BMW
  139. Hereīs something nice...
  140. Some News I heard yesterday
  141. another e90 shot
  142. New site i found
  143. The e90 launch must be getting close, no?
  144. new pics?? link...
  145. Cgi's from AMS
  146. Autocar article on the E90
  147. Any BMX 3 Series Owners Please Reply
  148. When will E90 hit US market?
  149. Someones dream of the next M3
  150. E90 untaped
  151. E90 Sneak preview, spy pix (Auto Express]
  152. So Cal Dealer for Overseas Delivery
  153. Next Gen. M3 to get V8 (modified M5 V10)
  154. The new 4 series
  155. E90 interior pic
  156. What about SMG III people? E90will get it or not??
  157. Sorry to say it, but the e90 is a dud
  158. Official E90 scanned brochure
  159. E90 pricing? and release date?
  160. Opinions on the final version?
  161. Article: E90 design analysis, brochure translation
  162. What about the engine choices?
  163. I hate to say this but...
  164. Polls
  165. m3 photoshop
  166. Touring Photoshop
  167. info from 4car.
  168. Power of New 3 Series Engines
  169. 4 Series Convertible
  170. New E90 spy pics!
  171. M54B30 vs R6 (Torque and Power Graphs)
  172. Is there a real need for dual zone climate control
  173. E90 wish list
  174. Is the next M3 going to be SMG III only?
  175. Autoweek on the E90
  176. Autocar article on the early leak of e90 brochure
  177. They moved the window controls to the door...
  178. e90 is no longer the standout that e46 was ..
  179. Interior: Why two separate slots for DVD/CD?
  180. E90 in the U.S.
  181. Another thing: why is the e90 so slow to 100km/h?
  182. 2005 M3 or wait for the E90?
  183. Sri Raya
  184. E90 in the U.S.???????????
  185. e90 convertible
  186. I hope the stupid I-drive
  187. E90 in red
  188. Autolies explains Bangle
  189. Audi Setting the Bar
  190. people buy horsepower but drive torque !
  191. FINALLY!! coupe/cabrio spy shot
  192. BMW vs. Audi
  193. E90 brochure?
  194. Anybody in Canada recieved letter for rod bearing.
  195. Anybody in Canada recieved letter for rod bearing
  196. Spy video of E90s testing on the 'ring
  197. E90 330i 0-60 6.2 secs...
  198. E90 with nice wheels . Lateral pic
  199. Will this new e90 be available as a 2 door?
  200. E90 coupe?
  201. Interesting quote by Board member Ganal (Sales),
  202. Leasing an E90?
  203. AutoExpress: "...clearly has a folding metal roof"
  204. I propose a new verb for Webster's
  205. New E 90 in the US?
  206. will seats be vinyl in standard form?
  207. e90 teaser
  208. Will the new E90 3-series have angel eyes?
  209. Interior Legroom F/R of E90???
  210. New IS300 from Autolies... I mean Autospies
  211. This is the new 3?
  212. what will be price increase for the E90?
  213. When will the e90 M3 hit the US shores
  214. Is the 2005 325i a E46? When do e90's arrive?
  215. it's official -- all new bmw's are ugly
  216. New M6 and 3 on 101 near Santa Barbara (large)
  217. New BMW 3.0 liter engine in NOV Road&Track
  218. When is the last build date for the E46?
  219. How long does it usually take the tuners to (m)
  220. new M2?
  221. 2005 330i ZHP or wait for E90?
  222. Early pictures of the E90 make me happy that (M)
  223. Official pics are out!!!
  224. Official introduction movie!!! Link inside!
  226. why
  227. E 90 rules
  228. AutoWeek: "...[E90] exhibits timeless styling"
  229. lotīs of official pics and info
  230. 17" wheels? When are the Germans going to realize
  231. Will the E90 be offering xDrive in the first yr.?
  232. 2006 3 Series - pix, videos, - follow link inside
  233. 2006 3 Series - pix, videos, - follow link inside
  234. Will E90 instrumentation be dumbed down like E60?
  235. 325i versus 325xi
  236. I think the E90 looks like a more like an E36 than
  237. look at bmwusa site for E90 preview/videos
  238. I heard official news about new 330 being 255hp...
  239. Other than E90
  240. I think the new E90 looks good.
  241. on E90
  242. bmw usa
  243. BMW must be listenening, the E90 is not bangled...
  244. E90 Touring (E91?) images from AutoExpress
  245. What's the 'eye' for on the bottom center grill...
  246. Autocar's online article
  247. e90 video. What do you think?
  248. saw this on E46...old excerpt .
  249. When is Euro Del. available for new models?
  250. The name JamesS3 appears on the latest Roundel

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