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  1. More claimed E92 M3 spy pictures
  2. First Post!
  3. might see me often in here in the future....hehe..
  4. Well at least top 5 in first posters...
  5. Where have all the beautiful bimmers gone?
  6. PTG to race the new M3 or the Z4 M Coupe in ALMS?
  7. New pics look better and better
  8. Any idea of the MSRP? How about Gas Guzzler tax?
  9. New BMW 3 Series Coupe In Depth
  10. E92 Coupe pricing announced
  11. So I'm guessing the E92 M3 will do 0-60 in 4.3.
  12. Not sure if these are new pictures of the E92 M3..
  13. will the new M3 be the Ultimate Lexus too?
  14. M3 @ Nurburgring.
  15. M3 article and spy video
  16. Do any dealers in LA have 335i demos?
  17. finally, official pics!
  18. Saw one in the flesh last Friday.
  19. Blasphemy!!!! no LSD in the new 335i ??!?!
  20. Cracked Titanium exhaust. VERY disappointed. HELP
  21. 335i Reliability????????
  22. games
  23. liked the 335i , I bet I would love the m3
  24. Dealer not taking deposits?
  25. Braking Technology
  26. When is the E92 M3 going to debut??
  27. 335i Coupe Sport Package Question
  28. M3 Specs
  29. Any word on Night Vision on 2008 335I?
  30. Did all the old timers move here?
  31. SMG only on new M3?
  32. New 335i Video
  33. New 32 questions...
  34. Mathematical based predictions of specs.
  35. Latest spy pics (9/12)
  36. Here ya go guys...something to look forward to
  37. M£ Countdown after driving hard
  38. So far looks like a no show for the E92M3 in Paris
  39. We discontinued green underline ads
  40. what do you think of this version....i like it!!
  41. Guesses for Nurbugring Nordschleife lap times?
  42. Will the M3 be raced in ALMS?
  43. will new M3 have plastic fenders? like the
  44. will the new M3 have LED tail lights?
  45. Is there a new 335 board ?
  46. whatever the case..first change is Motons and RACs
  47. New M3 Video
  48. How many E46 M3 owners getting the new M3
  49. Slow forum: DGI, double clutch, flexray, CF roof
  50. Finally... new parts classifieds system replaces old system
  51. Silver E92 M3 test car photos - pic fixed
  52. When will the M3 debut in the US?
  53. Ordering M3 in LA area. Best Dealer?
  54. Torn between M coupe and E92 M3! help pls.
  55. 335 ZHP - Any insight?
  56. E92 M3 coupe appears to be in FEP stage testing
  57. no SMG for new M3? 6 speed manual only
  58. First ever pics of space gray or sterling gray M3
  59. New M3 engine redline revealed in spy photos
  60. Pictures from the LA Auto Show - Album #1
  61. New M3 to be debuted in Germany
  62. M3 cabrio/convertible finally spotted - pics
  63. Return of M3 sedan looks almost certain (pics)
  64. First REAL car mag photos of E92 M3?
  65. Car Magazine's newest images of the new M3 coupe
  66. Almost undisguised E92 M3
  67. '04 Oxford Green vs. '05 Interlagos Blue...HELP!
  68. Videos from NAIAS: Interceptor, Accord, Trailhawk, Airstream
  69. Autoweek speculates on '08 M3
  70. '96 328is engine reliability vs. E46 M3
  71. Videos from NAIAS #5: Many New Videos, Lexus, Evo, Rolls...
  72. 335i vs new M3
  73. M3 look-a-like sighting
  74. M3 w/o camoflage
  75. m3 auot show
  76. M3 unveiling @10:45 EST
  77. Thread w/ Pics on E46M3 board
  78. BMW M3 Concept - Official Photos and Info
  79. Video: 2008 BMW M3 Concept Car from Geneva
  80. BMW M3 Concept Exclusive... 18 More Photos
  81. POLL Time Folks---See Inside
  83. Video: The Sweet Sound of the New BMW M3 V8
  84. Video: Exclusive 2008 BMW M3 Concept Car Footage
  85. The new M3 looks awesome.
  86. What's the fuel mileage going to be like?
  87. Why are they calling it a "Concept". Will the
  88. m3 sedan: will it have e92 front?
  89. BMWs New M3 V8 Engine: Official M V8 Engine Specs
  90. Official BMW release & pics on V8 engine
  91. will the USA get all four?
  92. Did you all see the tech analysis of the M3 V-8
  93. waiting list
  95. Official Press Release at BMWUSA.COM
  96. So I guess a sunroof is out of the question?
  97. 6 VIDEOS
  98. 8 Exterior Colors from configurator
  99. M.S.R.P. ON NEW M3??? HOW MUCH???
  100. ROAD & TRACK: MAY 2007
  101. Same torque of previous bmw's for new M3 Look
  102. E92 Detailed Standard Equipment
  103. Getrag 7-speed DCT may be M3's
  104. new M3 O-60 mph? predictions? I guess 4.4 seconds
  105. M3- four door?
  106. BMW South Africa announcement
  107. Torque Lower than 335i! Why?
  108. Nissan GT-R
  109. I-drive + 6 speed manual
  110. Info from private mtg. at BMWAG in Germany
  111. new M3 sedan spyphotos - with coupe front end
  112. Been away a while - just joined Q for E92 in Oz.
  113. High-res pics here...
  114. What do we know about the brakes ?
  115. Can someone explain to me the rear diffuser.....
  116. How do I get a bibilography on changing sparkplugs
  117. 17 rims /snow tires from e46 M3 on E92 M3???
  118. New power vs sport steering option ??
  119. Car sitting still for 4 mths
  120. 19 vs 18 inch wheels / tires re: performance
  121. Interlagos Blue E92 M3 spied!
  122. Video of an E92 M3 on the 'ring.
  123. UK pricing revealed ...
  124. Do all new M3s come equipped w/NAV system?
  125. Alex Roy responds to today's news of NY-LA claim
  126. saw e92 m3 last night...
  127. M3 -- Product Information Bulletin
  128. nice M3 teaser
  129. I was looking at the 2008 5-series specs and......
  130. Clutch wear on SMG...
  131. Electronic damping control (EDC) + lowering
  132. Any thought on the IS-F vs M3?
  133. SMG versus DSG?
  134. [scans] Car Magazine: Inside BMW M and M3
  135. 2 e92 M3's in
  136. 2 E92 M3's in Simi Valley Tonight
  137. One was parked across the street from the test
  138. Interlagos Blue M3 photographed and videotaped
  139. M3 0-60 projected time
  140. BMW M3 fresh off the Nürburgring -Cool Pictures
  141. M3 press introduction next week?
  142. New M3 pics.
  143. POLL: If you are planning on getting an E92 M3...
  144. For those that care, the new M3 reviews are out.
  145. New M3 reviews are out.
  146. 08' M3 a Huge Disappointment
  147. RS4 vs. M3 road test.
  148. Car & Driver preview
  149. Automobile Mag Review
  150. Short M3 vid.
  151. Good M3 Video
  152. Coming soon to a Dealer near you....
  153. Complimentary reviews
  154. Arrival times M3 vs 135i
  155. C& D 9/07 first test scans - 0-60 in 4.4s!
  156. Top Gear review scans
  157. You want to know somthing funny about turbo e46 m3
  158. Poll: who has a standing order?
  159. All new video and photo upload section
  160. It's a shame that cars are becoming heavier and...
  161. This is what we should have been getting!
  162. First pics of fully uncovered E90 M3 sedan
  163. Predictions on persistent problem with the new M3?
  164. `Here you go,,,,,M3 on road
  165. Pica of E93 M3 vert
  166. 2008 M3 Ordering Guide (Canada)
  167. Yawn
  168. new M3 vs. 135i at the track? what do you
  169. gregw in oregon
  170. best 08 M3 video review so far
  171. Almost drove one Saturday evening. Damn!
  172. TheCarConnection review (Transcript and link)
  173. Reading Car magazine (Sept 07 issue)
  174. New M3 to have the parking sensors front & rear
  175. For some nice pictures of all the M3 generations..
  176. Automobile Mag 10/07 review
  177. Fifth Gear(12x01)feat.S5v335,MaserGT,Veyron(embed)
  178. Got call from dealer. Wants me to choose options
  179. It is good to be prince
  180. Hopefully not a repost
  181. First E92 M3s being delivered in UK
  182. Fifth Gear (12x02) feat. R8vs9974S, SLR Roadster
  183. Great M3 review (writeup+pics+videos)
  184. OT ... LED Technology Question
  185. Help -- expert wheel balance shop in Manhattan
  186. BMW M3 Challenge - Free Game
  187. Good review from early owner
  188. video e92 m3 vs 997 gt3
  189. Rode in one today for 7 laps of a shortened GP
  190. tires on m3
  191. comparison of M3, S5, Cayman, Vauxhall
  192. I moved up to #3 on the list at my dealer!!!!!
  193. M3 vs. RS4....some cool drifts
  194. Get your technical information here...
  195. Anyone notice that the subtitle of this forum...
  196. Fifth Gear - Tiff thrashes the new M3 @ the track
  197. Weight of CF roof vs. steel w/ sunroof???
  198. This must have been asked alreay: US price?
  199. A really fair race...Bugatti Veyron vs BMW M3
  200. Car Community Blogger Wanted
  201. I just received official info from my dealer.....
  202. Do 2008 M3 US buyers get screwed?......
  203. BMW M3 Product Selling Point - PDF
  204. M3 Sedan pictures and info.
  205. M3 order spot available
  206. Top Gear - 10x01 (embed)
  207. So I suppose the first mod is to get......
  208. Interesting report on the E92 M3......
  209. free m3 challenge game
  210. Stupid orange reflectors again...
  211. Top Gear - 10x02 (embed)
  212. Atuoweek M3 sedan article
  214. official stuff out; Moonroof avail on Coupe......
  215. So let's start taking bets now
  216. BMW confirms M3 coupe production in December 2007!
  217. M3 wheel option
  218. M3 in Malibu
  219. List of US options w/ Option Codes (from dealer)
  220. E90 M3 sedan official brochure from Germany
  221. I got a call from the dealer to put in a order for
  222. E92 M3 put on a scale
  223. Any rumors if PTG will campaign an E92 M3 in 08?
  224. 2008 M3 Coupe at LA Auto show
  225. 2008 BMW M3 Coupe Video
  226. 2008 M3 Sedan options for USA...
  227. Official E92 M3 Order Guide
  228. Two crappy pics of the M3 Sedan at LA Auto Show
  229. Now that we have all the official specs....
  230. No M3 at SF Auto Show
  231. Help on Special Order Leather Colors...
  232. Not a glowing report from a UK magazine....
  233. 4MX Blue-gray brushed aluminium...................
  234. Snarky M3 delivery
  235. This will be the E92 M3s competition
  236. New E92 M3 from Hamann on display at Essen show
  237. European Options in north america
  238. Transmission options
  239. Any confirmation of US$ price???
  240. Welcome DINAN as a new BMW & MINI Sponsor
  241. Turned down first M3 at my dealer
  242. will my 17 inch mini spare fit on the new e92 M3 ?
  243. Back-up parking sensors...............
  244. Comparison E46 M3 vs E92 M3......................
  245. M3 on the Nurburgring.............
  246. Be sure to check out Top Gear ala Jason......
  247. I just heard from my dealer about allocations.....
  248. short on Donations this year.. pls. help
  249. Nice video of M3 vs C63 AMG....................
  250. Stock dyno

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