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View Full Version : BMW X3 SAV Forum (E83)

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  1. Greetings X3 board from the e53 (X5) Board
  2. Good luck future X3 owners!!!
  3. yay a new bord i cant wait
  4. x3 is going to start at just 22 thousand pounds
  5. 5th to post.good luck X3 guys..pray for no bangle
  6. Pics please!!!!!!!!
  7. Whooooooooooooooo-Hooooooooooo!
  8. Very nice! Lets hope this one is a winner from BMW
  9. Well I just saw the X3 last week again for the 3rd
  10. Good Luck to all future owners of the new X(5-2)
  11. X3 Size
  12. Ordered mine .......
  13. Mile Marker Article....
  15. Why would you buy an X3 over an X5?
  16. FS: slightly used X3 +
  17. BMW X3 official pics.
  18. Best looking BMW-built warthog ever! IMHO
  19. I hope and pray that the new 6 series...
  20. Check out
  21. I'm optimistic it will look much better in person
  22. it is basically the x activity thts a bit stupid
  23. where's it made? germany or USA?
  24. When is it do to showrooms?
  25. More info on the X3
  26. X3 dimensions and weight
  27. Does the X3 have iDrive?
  28. BMWNATION article, good interior pics!
  29. Does the X3 have Angel eyes?
  30. X3 Article and Pictures
  31. Hey everyone. A few questions...
  32. Any ideas on Pricing (USD)
  33. X3 on BMW website
  34. NO dual climate control? unacceptable.
  35. Needs More Power
  36. Will there be a 2004 325xit?
  37. Where will the X3 be made? US or Germany ?
  38. BMW X3 is probably the worst SUV I have seen
  39. what is euro delivery?
  40. OK, so the X3 staved off flame-surfacing :) But
  41. How much will it cost in USA
  42. How much will it cost in USA
  43. X3 Bumpers
  44. How much will it cost in USA?
  45. Just saw X3 test mule on the street
  46. Check out the info on BMW Canada's Site
  47. This is painful
  48. What trans will you get, 6 sp manual of 5 sp auto?
  49. X3 Specs
  50. What is the profile of an X3 buyer?
  51. rear door
  52. NE else get the X3 keychain from BMWNA?
  53. Poll: demographics for X3? Age / Income / M-F
  54. !!! X3 catalogue as PDF File !!!
  55. saw the new toureg. looks nice, a bit big, but...
  56. Pictures of the 7 wheels available for the X3 :
  57. does X3 have angel-eye headlight???
  58. where's the e90 board???
  59. Alright. I'll post something.
  60. While I'm on a roll...
  61. I got one question
  62. Poll: x3 a flop?
  63. Kinda OT: shopping today
  64. One option I hope to see on the X3 but probably
  65. Saw a new X3 on the road - autobahn from Munich
  66. When will US specs be available? anyone
  67. how about towing?
  68. REAL PICS of the X3 from Germany
  69. Does X3 have Angel-Eye headlight??
  70. Ugly black bumpers
  71. M-X3 with I-6 Twin Turbo 550 HP for 2005 confirmed
  72. X3 competitor by Mercedes?
  73. off-road x3, 4x4? or awd?
  74. x3
  75. Press details in the UK
  76. Anyone know when the offic'l price list comes out?
  77. BMWCar August '03 Cover Story
  78. Anyone read German?
  79. Do not use the BMW Screensavers
  80. Some new X3 pictures
  81. Price/Availability
  82. X3 and mountain bikes
  83. X3 and mountain bikes
  84. Saw my first X3 on the road this weekend. Ugh.
  85. Nice
  86. Black bumpers are good...
  87. What\'s the latest guesses on prices?
  88. The new X3 is the same size as the Lexus RX300
  89. Any X3 pictures from IAA ?
  90. Pictures of the X3 at IAA
  91. How about this one..
  92. X3 in Configurator (prices & options)
  93. IAA HQ pic
  94. Has this interior pic from IAA been posted yet?
  95. official x3 pricing , what does it mean for usa...
  96. Another pic from IAA
  97. X3 vs X5 pics
  98. X3 pics from IAA
  99. iDrive/HUD in X3?
  100. topgear posted pricing for England. Very Expensive
  101. More X3 from the Frankfurt Auto Show
  102. More X3 infos
  103. X3 Brochure now available
  104. A few X3 brochures available now
  105. Anyone know if new X3 will have towing capability?
  106. new x3 stuff on bmwusa
  107. Info on X3 being sold in UK with lots of detail...
  108. Some of my IAA 2003 X3 pictures. Enjoy!
  109. bottom line- who is buying it when it comes out???
  110. Demos in U.S.?
  111. Why X3 official US BMW site show European model?
  112. X3 Pricing in the Netherlands
  113. X5 & X3 pictures from Frankfurt autoshow
  114. Does anybody know if US spec X3s come with (m)
  115. X3 vs Touareg vs XC90 vs RX330
  116. (Ideas on) How safe compared to X5?
  117. recherche genealogique
  118. X3 on your PDA
  119. X3 Estimated Release date for United States
  120. Colors?
  121. Car Configurator & X3
  122. Will auto be standard for 3.0 liter X3 in US?
  123. X3 on display in Austin,Tx at Hyatt Regency +
  124. Any picts of Highland Green X3 ??
  125. NE1 know when one will be on display in DC area?
  126. X3 sited in at \"BMW Toronto\"
  127. Does X3 have reclining REAR Seats???
  128. Terra Cotta Leather
  129. Will the X3 engines retain the same hp as they
  130. X3 US Prelim Brochure
  131. November 28 Test Drives
  132. Bumpers -- Painting an option or not?
  133. Weight of X3?
  134. \"Panorama Moonroof\" -- how big are we talking?
  135. Wheels on the X3?...
  136. U.S. Prices
  137. Anyone seen an X3 in Los Angeles?
  138. Picture gallery
  139. X3 Pricing Inside
  140. How does X5 Qualify for Tax Break.. It isnt 6000lb
  141. AutoExpress on X3 3.0i
  142. Went to dealer, got the brochure and some dates.
  143. Frobes Review of X3
  144. trade 330i for X3
  145. Another X3 Review...
  146. X3 catalogue for german speaking Europe
  147. Here's a review with all of your questions answers
  148. what items I miss on a X3
  149. X3
  150. Oversized Rooster
  151. European Delivery
  152. New pictures (exterior & interior)
  153. How do you replace Broken Headlight lens?
  154. X3 Pricing Revealed
  155. X3 German Pricelist
  156. New X3 pictures
  157. And more new X3 pictures
  158. X3 Towing capacity?
  159. What is the weight of the X3: 2.5 and 3.0 Vs. X5?
  160. Poor Structural Design?
  161. Saturn Vue?
  162. what\'s up with the ugly black bumper?
  163. Roadtest from National Post in Canada
  164. Just saw blue X3 in NJ, looks so small and crappy
  165. Catalog and Specifications in English found
  166. Do you think that18" X5 Wheels will fit on X3?
  167. X3 2.5 $30,995 MSRP, X3 3.0 $36995 MSRP
  168. Great X5 + X3 pictures!!!
  169. X3 / X5; which one looks better???
  170. X3 Review from Canada
  171. If they paint the ugly black plastic bumpers I
  172. Edmunds loved the X3 " Finaly a true 3 series kill
  173. When it will be available for test drive in Canada
  174. Reasonable Discounts ??
  175. Anyone have any pics with bumpers are body color?
  176. X3 (again a bit dissapointed)
  177. Motor Trend 12/03 SUV of the Year review of X3...
  178. was not able to order X3
  179. X3 at Los Angeles Motor Trend Auto Show now?
  180. NE1 here wish the X3 had i-Drive as an option?
  181. If BMW NA brought the 330i Touring here, would
  182. Who has placed order or put money down (US)
  183. Saw 15 X3\'s today in Atlanta. Very nice.
  184. X3 Rear Shoulder Room
  185. Honda Crack dealers
  186. Telegraph review
  187. Another review!
  188. X3 Launch
  189. X3 Detailed Launch Info
  190. Visualizer
  191. The terracotta interior looks great online, ...
  192. How does the Hill Descent Control work?
  193. Saw the X3 Live today....
  194. X3 review - 7 Nov 03
  195. Will BMW make a ///M - X3? the 400hp current m5
  196. X3 MSRP Pricing
  197. More X3 MSRP Pricing incl options & packages
  198. Wow. Expensive
  199. Reviews
  200. Any guesses on MPG yet?
  201. I wonder how 2.5 performs with Step ?
  202. Can anyone tell me what Servotronic Steering is?
  203. Sensatec interior?
  204. Privacy glass option...
  205. Will U.S. model have black bumpers or body colored
  206. "Build your own" X3 is now online!!!
  207. 6-speed availability
  208. The X3 really should have angel eyes.
  209. the X3 ROCKS !! , just attended the intro drive
  210. X3 Lease Rates & Residuals
  211. CAR, December '03
  212. Edmunds X3 Review
  213. Invoice Pricing
  214. Top Gear Mag. Review
  215. Irvine BMW
  216. X3 vs. 2005 Ford Escape
  217. Script failure -
  218. Head-to-head drives?
  219. Avoid the 6-speed manuals -- terrible resale
  220. X3 driven at BMW sales training event
  221. Jeeeh - colored Bumper with Sport Aero-Kit !!!!!
  222. Attn Fred Meloan and Alan TS
  223. Spreadsheet showing gearing of X3 compared
  224. Spreadsheet comparing gearing on X3 to other
  225. Video: Fifth Gear X3 review
  226. Got my invite to test drive the X3 on Nov. 28th!!
  227. My test drive is on Nov. 25th
  228. Just test drive a new X3
  229. Aero kit price
  230. Anyone considering terracotta (sp?) leather?
  231. x3 is expen$ive. options add up quickly. too rich
  232. invoice pricing
  233. j. curious will there be SMG tranny in the future
  234. Sat in an X3 last night (impressions)
  235. X3 money factor and residuals
  236. more nickel and diming
  237. just drove a X3 3.0, and i actually like it a lot
  239. Drove X3 with sport suspension and it was....
  240. saw my first X3 at the SF Auto Show today--
  241. Drove the 3.0..impressions
  242. Will the X54.6/4.8is 20" wheels fit the X3 ?..any
  243. same ole BMW story. 1/2 love it 1/2 hate it, every
  244. BMW sport bodykit
  245. is the xi dead?
  246. X3 at my dealership
  247. X3 Test Drive Review
  248. X3 pics from SF Auto Show...
  249. X3 Road Test - Canadian
  250. towing

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