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04-17-2005, 11:43 PM
A course plotted through the darkened backroads of Ct. Twists and turns, differing roadsurfaces. You don't know what lies around the next bend or over the next hill. Driving as fast as possible (within legal limits of course) utilizing all of your skills. Depending on your Co. driver and his ability to call out directions and keep an eye on your odometer along with you. Course mapped out in tenths of a mile. Start and zero your tripometer. Vehicles will leave in 2 minute intervals from staging area.Will you catch the driver in front of you? will you be passed? will you get lost!? Two entrants will be given instruction, one for the start, the other as a checkpoint/finishline marshall. Starter will arrive earily as described in his/her E-mail notification, (will be competetive in this rallye) course marshall will be assigned through our organization, your directions will be enclosed with your rallye kit.(you will have fun but will not be competetive this time, you will not know until your arrival at the start). Starter will arrive at another location and find the rallye drop box which will be hidden and contain all entrants rallye kits,and starting instructions. Then will proceed to the starting location. We are allowing 7 competetors for this rallye. eight vehicles total, including the marshall. The first eight E-mails received will be returned with conformation, no shows on the night of the rallye will be barred from future events. No exceptions. You must E-mail for both driver and co driver from one E-mail address with:
first name only driver
first name only co.driver
vehicle yr,make,model,color
Rallye to take place Saturday 23rd April 2005
Starting time 10pm (location of start will be sent via E-mail at 6pm on the date of the rallye to all entrants/competitors)
Competition time/distance, approx 3hrs/ 80mi, depending on driver talent. Fuel up before arriving..
Prizes? the smiles on your faces and the stories you'll share! some other stuff too! You won't be disappointed. Judgeing by the way you guys/gals love to drive your vehicles and have these gtg's this is the next level. This has taken months and months of planning,driving and mapping roads. extra lighting is recommended for your vehicles but not mandatory. no special equipment is necessary nor required. all you have to do is make it Start to Finish.
Mr. Blue & Mr. Red, Rallyemasters/Drivers

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