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04-18-2005, 10:22 PM
I ordered an 120d last week, nearly ordered a new e90 320d,but what finally did win me over for the 1er was (exept 3,5 k euro less for a similar equipped car)the much sportier seating position in comparision to e90 and my current e46.In the 1er you really sit "inside" the car,it fits like a glove.e90 and even more the e46 feel like mainstream family sedans in comparison.In both the e46 and e90 the upper parts of the A-pillars are very close to your head,in the 1er they´re further away,there is an airier feeling where you need it.On the other hand because the car is a bit narrower the thick door armrest can actually be used. material quality of the e90 is definitly better,e87 looks and feels more spartan inside.There are some nice details.The inner door openers of the e90 and e87 are the same, they may look a bit weird,but they´re ergonomically perfect,much better than in my e46,even opening the door is fun now.
Looking out front you can actually see the hood of the e87,its like in the old days again,great.Sitting in an e46 or e90 you want to enjoy the interior and feel comfy,in the e87 you just want to drive(that was at least my impression)
I didn´t drive the 320d but the 120d naturally,it has more than adequate power.Turbo lag and tractor sound at idle are there,but between 2k and 4k revs the engine has more power than a 330i and you really can feel that,in gear acceleration leaves nothing to be desired and there is no wheel spin like with fwd tdi´s. Altogether a great car,still cannot understand why some critisize it. 30 k euros here in germany for a halfways adequatly equipped golf sized car may be a bit much,but what you get you won´t get for less elsewhere.

exciting! Even the looks r growing..
04-19-2005, 07:42 AM
Thanx to rear drive,u can actually use the turbocharger's full power! In a mainstream front driver,the stabiprograms interfere much earlier,and constantly cut torque,denying u of any fun! And many new cars won't actually offer a true manual-mode in their stabisoftware applications,which is probly to hide the weaknesses of their flawed chassis?
But,if it was my money,I'd definitely buy the all new 3er rather than a 120d!

Einser fahrer
04-19-2005, 09:32 AM

05-20-2005, 05:39 AM
I like it and more important, my wife likes it. But it does seem small to accomodate 2 kids and luggage for traveling, no?
I didn't see much of them last Sunday when we drove to the MARTa museum in Herford. Lots of new A -class.

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05-20-2005, 08:22 AM
the 1er has a great seating position - much better than the A3 2L tdi I'm currently driving (had a 116 for a month previously). Everything about the BMW is more encouraging for spirited driving than the Audi, which just feels heavy, too stiffy sprung (S pack with 17"P Zeros), no feel to steering, etcetcetc.

now you just need to run her in at the Nürburgring :)


05-20-2005, 04:51 PM
they´re usually fine engines.IF you drive the 140hp version you should at least not be undermotorized.

05-20-2005, 05:06 PM
THeir cheapest offering for young families at the moment is a 30k minimum 3er touring,for2 kids the hatch is imo to small,there´s a gap which could be filled with a 1er touring.

05-21-2005, 07:20 AM
Rear seat is cramped considering the exterior dimensios and is barely acceptable for adults.But kids should find it good enough.Trunk looks small compared to the class average,especially next to new Focus,but pack wisely and it isnt a big problem.
A thing to consider is the firm ride (if you opt for sports chassis+run flat combo),which may actually limit your route selection :)

05-21-2005, 07:32 AM
1er station wagon would be squeezed between 5dr and 3er wagon.. Maybe BMW will need to do some marketing politics (limit the available engines/tires/equipment etc) to prevent it from chewing 3er touring sales,and vice versa..

JZ 2005 X3 2.5L 6 sp
05-22-2005, 04:43 PM
not have enough room in the back seat and trunk for a family of four!

i would guess the 1 series will be a sized between a Mini and the 3.

05-24-2005, 04:23 AM
but is still a diesel :/

sounds like a truck, peaky torque curve, 4500rpm redline, top speed only 200kph (old 2L gas Alfa 156 could top 220). At least fuel use for the 1500km round trip to the ring is pretty low...

Had no desire to drive it on the 'Ring 2 weekends ago, especially with an Opel Speedster at my disposal:)

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06-07-2005, 06:23 AM
I know that the 1er is much cheaper than the new E90 but before you ordered it didn't you wonder why? The build quality of the one is better than it's competition but not nearly as good as the 3er. Also, having driven both cars i can tell you that even though they share much of their platforms, they drive very differently. The 1er is intended for buyers who have previously driven front wheel drives and the suspension in the 1er is therefore set up to understeer slightly... the 120d has a heaver engine than the 120i petrol so this effect becomes even more obvious! The 3 is set up for the die-hard BMW fans with a hint of oversteer off a trailing throttle going into the bends. You just get so much more car for your money in the 3er! The only one series i would even look at is the 130i when it arrives and that's only because the 330i is out of my price range.

Jim Stevens
07-02-2008, 09:13 AM
Same dilemma, went for the 320d, collect it on saturday...

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