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04-21-2005, 04:34 PM
Anyone any experence in getting the rear head rests working. The electric acuuator clicks but I dont think there is any vac going to them. The Headlight aajusters also dont operate, I think that these are related at the Brake servo/booster?

05-08-2005, 02:42 AM
Well o active message board. I found the problem, simple enough in the end. Someone repalced the dash with a later dash with no vac(Economy gauge) and had the vac hose disconected. CLosed that off and hey presto rearheadrests drop down. The Seats in my 88 300ce use vac also to keep them in the up position. These were still not working after fixing the vac leak so I pulled the vac lines at the seats and no vac. So I began to trace the problem. First took centre console out found blue hoses going accross but none from the front. Took out Right hand side of carpet, no sign. In the end I pulled up the rear seats and found 3 blue hoses coming out of a solinoid. The solinoid was very hot so I unpluged it and bypassed it altogether and It now all works fine. Does anyone know what the Soliniod is ment to do. I think its some sort of safety device to aliow the rear occupents to get out of the back in a hurry in the event of a crash so it does not retain vav but am not sure. Anyone?

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