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04-26-2005, 04:51 AM
While the current G class is a military beast, the next one seems like it won't be a beast.

Three competitors to the G class would include the 2006 Land Rover Range Rover, the new Range Rover Sport, and the 2006 Hummer H1 Alpha.

The 2006 Range Rover Sport will use the new LR3's chassis.

The LR3 has an...


"Integrated body frame is just a fancy way of saying that the LR3's traditional ladder frame is aided in crash-worthiness by a body that has almost unibodylike strength. In most typical body-on-frame designs, the frame provides all the strength while the bolted-on body simply holds the passengers. The LR3's body, though, has extra strong sills that literally envelope its frame. So closely does it wrap around, in fact, that in the case of an accident, the body is forced into the frame rails greatly adding to its strength. Land Rover says that this significantly increases resistance during offset crashes, the common bugaboo of body-on-frame designs."

The base engine for the U.S. market for the 2006 Range Rover and Range Rover Sport is the new LR3's 4.4 liter 300 hp V-8.

The 300 hp 4.4 V-8 used in the new Land Rover LR3 is based on Jaguar's 4.2 V-8 but modified for off-road duty and low-end torque. Jaguar's V-8 is not a Ford V-8. Jaguar's 4.2 liter V-8 does not have the potential timing chain tensioner or nikasil problems of the 4.0 liter V-8 from the 1997-2000 XK8.

Check this link:

Both the Range Rover and Range Rover Sport will be available with a 4.2 liter 390 hp supercharged V-8 from the aluminum Jaguar XJR. It is shown below.

The Range Rover is revised for 2006

Enhancements for 2006 include:

Dynamics: Sharper steering, crisper braking performance, and improved air suspension.

Refinement: A quieter interior and additional color combinations.

Technology: Adaptive headlights, tire-pressure monitoring, touch-screen control for audio, phone and off-road driving information.

Safety: A rear-view camera that projects directly to the front-fascia screen.

Entertainment: Available rear seat entertainment package featuring a six-disc DVD changer, twin screens, and headphone pods, all fully integrated with the vehicle’s sound system.

Here is a link to the 2006 Range Rover:

Here is the new Range Rover Sport.

The 2006 Hummer H1 Alpha is a big off-road beast.

It is available with an Adventure package which offers front and rear-locking Eaton Electronic ELockers, 17 in. 2-piece forged aluminum wheels with dual beadlocks and runflats and a 12,000 pound Warn winch. The Off-Road tire package includes 37x12.5R-17 load range "E" Goodyear Wrangler MT/R tire with DuraWall puncture resistance technology. The Off-Road tire package is only available with the Adventure package.

04-30-2005, 02:27 AM

The Land Rover LR3 is available with the following:

'A' Frame Protection bar

Driving lamps

WARN winch

Roof rack

Front lamp guards

Rear lamp guards

Door rubbing strips

Raised air intake (G4 specific)

Rear access ladder (G4 specific)

Goodyear tires (G4 specific)

The raised air intake is the black thing extending from the side vent in the picture below.

05-26-2005, 05:20 PM

07-05-2005, 10:19 PM
The new Range Rover and Range Rover Sport both use a 6 speed ZF automatic transmission.

07-23-2005, 12:33 PM

11-12-2005, 11:32 PM
Check the link below for more of the 2006 Hummer H1 Alpha.

New Hummer (

The H1 had a new interior for 2004.

<b>New H1 Alpha</b>

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