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05-23-2005, 10:42 AM
Biodan's "external" plumbing option looks good to me as it does not require boring holes, buying flanges, etc.

The Hancor FCD5B030000 adapters are 2" x 3" gutter intake to 3" hose. Price is $2.65 each + $3.00 handling + about $6.00 UPS

Group buy sounds like a good idea as the S&H can be spread out. I picked up 4 for me and a friend, so our total cost for intakes will be $9.80 each.

I like the "soft" black plastic material as it will give a bit if you have a steep driveway or other issue with scraping. Hard intakes like PVC adapters or dedicated NACA ducts might get broken off or cracked if you run into something.

I agree with Dan in wondering if tapping into the OEM intakes will take air flow away from the engine intake snorkel. When I install my ducts, I'll be putting the "hatch" back on the wheel well to close off the oem brake cooling tunnel, which should force more air into my AFE intake area.

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