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05-31-2005, 08:53 AM
Heads up everyone this car was posted on Ebaymotors about a week ago. Just a SCAM

Enclosed find an example of several communications via e-mail.

Hi Michael,

My full name is Brian Morad and my address is 324 Syngrou Avenue, Athens
17673, Greece.

The final price for the car is $12,300US. You will have it at your door in
8-9 working days after you will make the deposit of $4,000. The balance of
$8,300 will be paid after you inspect it. It will be sent via Lufthansa
Cargo and I will pay all the shipping, insurance and handling taxes. The car
will come with a clear title and all the papers (including the original
manuals,the keys etc.). The vin no. is WBSBL93481JR10485.

This is a US car and I can't sell it locally. Also I did not pay the duties
yet for bringing it in Greece and if I resell it back to US there will be no
more duties to be paid. Now I have my money stuck with this vehicle so the
low price is for a fast cash deal. This is why I am willing to sell it for a
low price rather than lose it for good to the state.

The car will be shipped from Greece and you won't have to pay for customs or
any additional taxes when it will arrive. There may be some customs for you
to pay, but if you wish we can avoid them: you'll declare you send money to
a friend and I will declare the shipping as a gift/donation.

The payment will be made through Square Trade and only after you will
receive the package I will receive the payment. The money transfer will be
done through Western Union having me as receiver. They provide the fastest
payment services and this way I can send you the car the same day you wire
the funds. When you will complete the transfer you will receive a money
transfer control number (MTCN). This MTCN is like a password, no one will be
able to pick up the money without it. You will not send me the details. You
will send these informations to Square Trade and they will notify me that
the transfer is ok. As soon as I will have the confirmation from Square
Trade I will send you the package. After you will receive and inspect it you
will send a second confirmation to Square Trade so they will send me the
information regarding the transfer and I will be able to get my money. It is
100% safe for both of us.

After the vehicle arrives you will have 5 days to inspect it. If you're not
100% content with it, you will send it back to me on my expense, for a full
refund. I am positive it will not be the case.

If you agree with these terms,please email me your full name, address and
your ebay id and I will be more than glad to start the deal with you.


PS: Please check the attach for some pics of the car.

05-31-2005, 03:43 PM
This dude just won't go away... How can I report him?

From: Brian . []
Sent: Tuesday, May 31, 2005 2:13 PM
Subject: RE: 2001 BMW M3 Coupe

Hi Michael,

I cannot send you the car without any prove that you have the money, as you
will not send me the money without seeing the car. If you are willing to
travel here and buy the car with money down, I have nothing against it. Just
let me know asap. But we can save time, because using Square Trade, you will
see it and test it before actually pay and I will be sure you have the money
for it. Doing it through Square Trade means a secure service, so stay cool
and don't worry about the safety and the smoothness of this transaction. I
choosed to use Square Trade so both of us can be protected in this
transaction. Since our transaction is registered thru them, they will
guarantee every penny you will send using them and you are backed up by the
car protection program, that means that if your money is lost then they will
return your money and give it back from my account. More reassurance? If I
do not ship the car right and it comes damaged you simply get your money
back and I will have to support the shipping back to me.

If you send me the details I requested, I can register the transaction with
square trade. This way you will find all details directly from them. One
more thing, you have to know you will not be forced to do it, even if the
transaction will be registered, so you can give it a try.


Alisa Davison
09-30-2005, 08:09 PM
Hey Michael and anyone else who is involved with this Scam Artist,
Brian Carbone is a fraud and stole $1,000 of my husband's and our money in efforts for us to buy a vehicle from him through his suposed internet company "Secure Trade" which came to be non-existant onve I sent the money. Steer clear of this man and his efforts for you to send him money, spread the word if you can. I hope this works out for you and helps. Good luck

Alisa and Travis

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