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06-20-2005, 09:40 AM
+ultra-light and exotic mag-motor
+midship motor position
+ideal 50/50 weight distribution
-uber-narrow,high profile tyres
-STILL no sporty 3-door model available

Benz C350 SC:
+biggest motor in any hatch (nearly 230 cu in!) giving class-leading power: 272hp and 258tq
+the most powerful and one of the fastest manual Mercs available
-over a full 350 lbs heavier than the 5-door BMW
-nose-heavy compared to the petrol 1ers

If the 330i and C350 are anything to go by,the Benz SC is no faster than the 130i,despite its stronger motor.BMW keeps up with its lighter mass,which really shows in the twisties.Both reach the 60 around six sec,post mid-to-low 14 sec quarters and hit the same artificial top speed 156 mph.

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