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07-14-2005, 03:34 PM
starts up fine ,idles fine but when accelerated when cold will sort of backfire and struggle to gain rpm but when warms up after 5 mins perfect co' perfect mercedes themselves are stumped.

07-28-2005, 12:48 PM
Hi, I own a 12 year old w124 220TE and have had a very simular fault. The only change in the fault is that with mine the fault was when the car was HOT or the outside temp was HOT, fault was very poor response to the throtle and dropping an HT curcuit( number 3) with a resulting missfire.
Removeing the plugs after the fault show its self and checking the plugs showed "sooting up" black carbon deposits on the 3rd spark plug.
My local Mercedes garage had tried some expensive diags, such as the Air mass sensor as this was reporting a fault code to the engine management unit(ECU). So this was replaced with no both coils and HT leads were replaced again no improvement. I now have a car waiting for a replacement engine bay wiring harness because as soon as this had been checked by moving and pulling the missfire fault was now there all the time. From other Mercedes Forums I have checked I have found that this is a known fault on the W124, 300TE.The engine bay harness is subject to wide temp changes from ice cold condition to 30+C outside temp which results in a brittle wire condition that will brake its insulation when it expands or contracts with the temp change. Hope this gives some guidence.


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