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07-18-2005, 02:38 PM
Dan Law was good enough to post a brief how-to on M3Forum, but I'm having some difficulty.

My questions:

-I've searched and heard mention of the subframe clamp you're supposed to flip, but I don't seem to have this part. When I pulled my OEM bar off, the bushing brackets were just screwed to the subframe with hex-bolts (with no nuts on the other side), so I simply reused them over the GC-supplied (reddish-colored) brakets. Is there something else that needs to go in there besides the bushing around the bar and the bracket overtop that?

-My bar seems to be contacting only the right halfshaft, how to I lower the bar to clear that slightly? Adjust the droplinks? The strange thing is that it clears with 2 mm or so on the drivers side.

-Since the passenger rear swaybar bushing bracket is right in front of a plastic pan of some sort (I presume covering the gas tank), I have very little clearance behind it to hook up to the grease Zerk fitting, where can I buy an attachment for my grease gun to shoot the grease up in there at a 90 degree angle?

-There were a couple of rubber O-rings on the GC bar in the back next to where the bushings were supposed to go, any purpose to them?

Thanks for your help and patience. I bought the set of bars used so I have no instructions 2004 Alpine White M3
SMG/OEM 19s/HK/Alum Trim/OEM Alcantara/Xenons/Sirius
P7 Brake Pedal/Euro X-Drilled Rotors/SS Brake Lines

07-18-2005, 02:45 PM
silver bolt thru them...flip em over.

lengthen the endlink.

don't worry about the greasing....simply taking off the bracket is easy enough....6mm allen head...remove it..done...much easier than trying to fit/find an angled fitment....just my opinion.

rubber orings go next to metal clamps...between brackets and clamps.

07-18-2005, 03:01 PM
Sounds like I'm going to have to take the brackets off, what a pain considering it was nearly impossible for me to get at the Allen bolt on the upper side of the passenger side bracket. Any tips for getting this off easier?

I don't think I got any washers with the set of swaybars that I purchased used, can I still flip the cups over? What would be the problem if I *didn't* flip them over? Contact the bar?

Also, I feel really stupid but I'm not sure I understand what you mean by brackets and clamps for the Oring part. Is the clamp the gold part that's built into the bar itself? If so I think I did this properly.

Thanks so much for the help! 2004 Alpine White M3
SMG/OEM 19s/HK/Alum Trim/OEM Alcantara/Xenons/Sirius
P7 Brake Pedal/Euro X-Drilled Rotors/SS Brake Lines

07-18-2005, 05:51 PM
click for instructions (

please note the colored text, and let me know if you can figure out how someone (not you) could miss that step.


07-18-2005, 07:54 PM
Take a look at this, this is the part that must be flipped.

Keith<img src="">

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