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07-19-2005, 09:27 PM
I've been enjoying my 280sl these last few days.

The "new" noise was the driveshaft center bearing mount. Or more accurately, the complete lack thereof. It's fixed. $50 at Napa for the new bearing and mount.

I have a question. and I know there is probably a perfectly obvious answer, however it hasn't occured to me yet.

How do I make it stop blowing hot air over my legs? How does one work the heater? And what do the Heiroglyphics on the heater panel mean? One would think that the arrow pointing UP would indicate the control for the vents on the panel and that the DOWN arrow would indicate the controls for the foot well heater. One would also expect that moving these controls up and down would vary the amount of air coming through the respective vents. None of this is true.

No matter what position any of these controls are in I have air heated to about 46 degrees celcius blowing on my legs. With all four levers pushed up, in the defrost position, the effect is lessened slightly, however you can't drive the car more than 20 miles before you have to get out and walk around to cool off your legs.

Is there a vent to the outside world that I'm not aware of?
Is there a way to block off the vents to the footwells?

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