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08-15-2005, 03:20 PM
Anyone found a wrecking yard with a 190 2.3 16valve sitting in the back corner ??
I just acquired a 1987 US spec black version that needs quite a few knick-nack things , some of which the 'usual web suppliers' tell me are not avail -like the plastic body trim that goes in front of the drivers door ,mounted to the L F fender .
Hope to get the car home tomorrow PM and start compiling a list of items to begin searching for ...AC condenser (does the tube always break off in front ? ) and dryer for starters 'cuz it is white-hot here in Midsouth Tenn right now.
Might buy a whole (rust-bucket ) car for parts if one appears ...

Did you see the really nice-looking 16v on Ebay over weekend ? In Memphis ..NOT Mine ..went for $7001 can see it at
itemZ4566672891 if you do a number search.Didnt know they came in gold colour in US
Look forward to any helpful replies
Bill Proud

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