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09-11-2005, 11:38 PM
I'm considering buying a 2004 XJ8 with 22,000 miles. I have had two BMW 5 series, like them and they have generally been reliable. However I don't like the looks of the new BMWs.

How reliable is the 2004 XJ8? I rember when the XJ used to have a very bad reputaion for reliability and costly maintenance. What are some typical problems with this model? How would you compare it to the BMW745?


Time Exposure
09-12-2005, 01:23 PM
I had the same questions when I bought my used 2004 XJ. I did a lot of research in the automotive press, and found some long-term tests by Car and Driver, Motor Trend, etc. Some reported isolated issues, but overall the press has been very pleased. After four months of ownership (on a car that had 5k miles) I can add that the nav system freaked out (showed a map but could not give me directions), and the dome light failed to operate when opening the left rear door. Both were fixed by the dealer under warranty.
The reason I bought a Jag instead of a car with stronger reliability history? Passion. Pure emotional passion. I love the look of the XJ compared to everything else, I love the cabin with its rich leather and walnut burl dash, and I love the way it drives and sounds. For another 3 yrs/38k miles, I know the warranty will cover me if something goes wrong (and the dealership near my office is fantastic in terms of service/loaner cars when needed).
My point is: get the car you really like. If its the '04 XJ, I doubt the occasional glitch will take away from the ownership experience (it hasn't for me). And for everything I've read about them, I have faith that overall it will be a reliable car.
I hope you get some more responses-I'd like to see how people feel about them, and I think you'll see that most owners really love them.

09-15-2005, 08:03 PM
Buy a car with passion; but buy a car you can afford to maintain and fix. A 100K miles in a flawless boring car isn't anywhere near as satisfying as 50K in a car you love and had to flip because it finally annoyed you too much. Dollars come and go, the memories of a fine automobile are priceless.
(Should sound like a cheap rip off of a mastercard commercial)

06-17-2010, 02:51 PM
BEST CAR we have ever owned! Bought it in 2003, have 100K miles on it; looks beautiful - runs perfect - we've had no problems with it whatever! It is a joy and privilege to drive this car. Would trade up for a new jag now (just for "show-off" purposes) but can't imagine that now that Ford no longer owns Jag that I could get the same level of quality from the "TaTa jaguar.

This car is sheer beauty and joy and almost drives itself.

06-26-2010, 09:29 PM
I have owned my X350 since 8/03 when I bought it new. Without question, the most reliable car I have owned. I continue to enjoy this car and have had zero issues with it.I just perform scheduled service. I expect I will continue to own this car for quite a while as I enjoy driving it. I would buy another Jag.

07-02-2010, 09:54 AM
I was there in 04 when customers bought them new and am still seeing them years later with over 100k with the cars going strong. The aluminum bonding worked. They are just as tight at 100k+ as they were when new. The list of standard features that are not available at BMW or for extra cost is long.

Bonded aluminum body-this is the biggest advantage Jaguar has over everyone. It's light and very, very strong. I've seen the XJ's in head on collisions with a SUV. It totaled the SUV but 3 years later the Jaguar (after a new front end) is still going strong and drives tight. (it was in 2 months ago for a oil change).

Adaptive suspension-German cars do not some standard with it. It can be $3k-$4k option and no one wants to pay for it, so dealers don't order it on their cars. Very hard to find on any German car.

Full (real) leather. Not standard unless it's a 7 or S class, and even then it's not as soft.

Giant wood veneers- A big piece of Burl Walnut looks better than a smaller piece. Grain matched and resin covered. Have to go into a Bentley or Rolls to find more wood.

Fast yet get's 30mpgs on highway. Even the supercharged one's are almost as good.

You get hooked pretty fast on a XJ. I think you'll be very happy with a Jag

07-06-2010, 09:58 PM
I lived at he other forum with my nice 98 xj for 4 1/2 years ($5,000 in repairs) but I would never go back to a 308 after having the 04 XJR for almost two years. The paintwork and body are looking like new even though it has spent it's whole life in the Michigan. And performance for the dollar are unbeatable! The ride and cabin feel is so much more roomy than a 308, It always seemed awkward having such a long car and feeling so cramped in the cabin. My XJR has just a little over 60k on it and it runs really strong, also gone are the antenna problems, and the amber and red lights and the timing chain, and the saggy headliner and the transmission whine and so many other things that made me glad to upgrade to a 350. Lastly rust was setting in on the body after 10 yrs,

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