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09-14-2005, 07:34 PM
Cadillac's new 4.4 liter (267 cubic inch) supercharged Northstar V-8 is hand-built at this new facility in Wixom, Michigan - The Performance Build Center. It is the most powerful engine ever put in a Cadillac and is designated LC3.

Cadillac's 4.4 liter Northstar supercharged (

I would imagine the LC3 would get a plaque just like the 505 hp LS7 shown below. The new Corvette Z06's 505 hp LS7 is also hand-built at the Performance Build Center.

10-12-2005, 05:01 AM
<b>Cadillac Prepares Limited Production STS-V And XLR-V Models</b>

DETROIT – The 2006 Cadillac STS-V and XLR-V take the performance and luxury attributes of the brand’s growing V-Series lineup to their fullest extent. Debuting in late-2005 (STS-V) and early-2006 (XLR-V), these new supercharged Cadillac’s represent an historic combination of performance technology and hand-crafted elegance.

The 469-horsepower 2006 STS-V is the most powerful Cadillac ever offered.

The STS-V is capable of exceptional performance for an automobile of its size, while also providing a high degree of hand-crafted interior luxury. Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) will be $77,090, including destination. Production of the STS-V will be limited to ensure its exclusivity in the marketplace.

The 443-horsepower XLR-V is the quickest and most agile Cadillac ever offered, while also providing a very high degree of hand-crafted interior luxury. Cadillac announced today that the MSRP for the XLR-V in the U.S. market will be $100,000, including destination. Like the STS-V, production of the XLR-V will be very limited to ensure exclusivity. Both the STS-V and XLR-V will be exported to international markets in 2006, with details on pricing in markets outside the U.S. forthcoming.

“These additions to the V-Series lineup mark a new phase of Cadillac’s ongoing renaissance,” says Jim Taylor, Cadillac general manager. “With an elite level of driving performance, and an added element of hand-crafted elegance, STS-V and XLR-V present a new alternative for the most discerning consumers.”

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