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09-16-2005, 02:31 PM
I just learned from Gary at the corvette museum that some z06's have been shipped to dealers starting yesterday. Not as many as you may think, based on the reports of truckloads and truckloads have been seen leaving the factory. He says that most that are leaving the factory on trucks are heading to another location to have a repair made. Apparantly the problem is with the half shaft(axle), and a weld is braking. This is said to be a result of the more rigid suspension and increased horsepower. This is only a problem in the earliest cars produced(like mine #323),since then the problem has been corrected.So apparently some of these cars will be on the road with their new owners this weekend or eary next week. The only good thing about being an earl car is that I will be getting polished wheels.(before they ran out)

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