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09-18-2005, 04:42 PM
I was at the MB dealer in Nashville yesterday. I am looking at the CLS-500 (origionally went because of interest in the CLK-500). I really liked my sales person but she is realtively new. Due to my questions she introduced me to the Sales Manager.

He claims he was formally with BMW (I am deciding between the CLS-500 and the 6 Series Coupe). He spent 20 minutes telling me why BMW's are going down hill (I don't agree) and telling me things I could and could not do with BMW (which was not correct because I had personally done these things). I truly hate this approach.

Anyway, enough ranting, do any of you know if the CLS-500 and the CLK-500 are available via the Euro Delivery Program from MB? According to the Sales Manager on a few models participate but I don not think this is correct. Any information would be helpful.

09-23-2005, 01:21 PM
Here in Europe I have the same question about 630 and CLS 350, (dontīthink cls 500 worth the extra money an really guzzle the gas, I chose cls and 5 month later a im really hapy with the decision, mainly because of the 4 door for my two son, also in my use of the car. I only use it for fast travel round trips of 1000 Km in the same day an merc is more comfortable. making an average of 167 Km per hour it eat 13,6 liters each 100 Km only, these is fast travel watching carefully speedtraps. The car has now 10.000Km.
The new auto box 7 speeds is really good.

I hope you make the right choose.


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