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09-21-2005, 07:10 PM


after weeks of rangling with them i have finally given up on their junk. from the first set of crank pulleys that they incorrectly engineered and caused my blower belt to shread off the car in less than 50 miles. so they sent me out a new set and said if you can believe this, "were not going to charge you for the replacement set." WHAT??? your engineers screwed up the design on a part that is brand new and me not paying for a replacement is a good thing! i did have to eat the cost of replacing the part too.

then i went ahead and bought the cooling mod. there are 2 tabs that need to be drilled through to secure it to the bumper bracket. it too was engineered incorrectly and could only be held on by 1 bolt per side instead of two. after i spent hours on polishing it, that too had to be returned.

now my car has had the "no power" feeling 4 times, like your driving a vw for a minute because the cooler is running hot and shutting down the supercharger. bob told me they are having problems with the pump in an email to me. i told them (this pump is VERY loud) i dont hear it running. their reply was, "you must have one of the quiet ones" so this is the customer support you get for spending 12,000 on their crap???

and last but not least there is the crank dampener. i was told by bob otopolik through vadim, their esteemd engineer who probably did such a great job to begin with to torque the crank bolt to 240ft lbs. the correct way to torques the crank bolt is very complex and you need a large protractor. so with less than 500 miles the crank bolt came out and the dampener sheared off the crank key and wasted the crank. total miles on car, 7,000. total $ spent on * mods, fixing their mods and cost to replace crank???...............over $24,000. and now im back to stock.

after talking to bob brady at renntech and cory at kleeman they told me what i should have known in the first place. just a short time ago they were working on junk cars and have been doing this for a very short time. if you spent 90k on a car why scrimp to save 2k over renntech or kleeman? learn from my mistakes. they love to badmouth rennteck and kleeman and how expensive they are and i took it hook line and sinker. most importantly their software which is farmed out is dangerous for our cars as they lean out the fuel mixture at higher rpm. THIS IS VERY BAD FOR OUR CARS AND CAN CAUSE A BLOWN MOTOR. supercharged motors need a lot of fuel to keep them cool and prevent detonation. i dont know about kleeman but renntech's software is amg's and is rock solid. ive had 2 renntech cars and were solid as can be. there is a reason renntech has worked on all 5 of the clk-dtm's in this country. and amg recently renntech a clk dtm roadster to fix, a 1.6 million $ car. enough said. they have a relationship with amg as they come from there. if you have a warranty issue, you call renntech and they make the appointment with the dealer and it will remain under warranty not voided like mine was. in my opinion * doesnt have the knowledge to work on the cars correctly. the faulty engineered pieces are all that needs to be said.

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