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Andrew Sarkin
09-28-2005, 11:16 AM
To follow on the the saga I sent - I've a little more info since writing previous thread. Merc 1990 200 carb 124. Aircon works intermittently - completely eratically - after a minute or two cuts in and out on its own even at idle. Been regassed, replaced Klima (off a scrapped car) and I replaced switch unit. When aircon works voltage at Pin 10 is Negative 12.9V (ground). When aircon not working (with Klima plugged in and PBC switched on) voltage across Pin 10 measures Negative 5.6 Volts (with positive terminal of voltmeter joined to positive battery terminal).Also when airon not working and I bridge ground (negative terminal of battery) to Terminal 10 compressor kicks in. Any suggestions where problem is / furter tests to do? I don't have schematic/ test algorithm mentioned in previous threads. Thanks for help. Andrew from a rather warm South Africa!

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