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robeyf '84 533i '84 633csi
10-17-2005, 09:14 AM
Posted a "final notice" for the E28 I am parting out on the E28 and E24 forums - have the car listed on the Roadfly parts board - it appears that those posts have been erased - if this was done by your content editor, please email me at your earliest convenience; it would be helpful to know exactly what line I crossed. I understand this is a business and made it a point to list my car on Roadfly first and offer reduced prices to board members - I have gained a lot from the board and have done business with many companies that advertise with you; I have been loyal - if you did indeed erase my posts, it would have been nice to recieve an email explaining why. If you did not eliminate them, I have a very strange vanishing post problem. Thanks. Emailed webmaster, got form letter response.
Frank Robey
'84 533i The Grinch
'84 633csi Jaws (renamed after eating workshirt)

10-17-2005, 11:20 AM
Hi Frank,

We don't delete very many posts these days. Most of the time if your post has disappeared it has been "modo-matic'd." If other members of the forums think the post is spam, selling stuff, links to eBay, etc. they will flag the post and it will be automatically removed.

I didn't see your original post so I can't comment beyond that. If you weren't violating the TOS by posting stuff for sale on eBay or something then I'd just post again and ask people to not mod-o-matic your post.

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