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10-17-2005, 11:32 AM
I saw a significant amount of fuel squirting up on the injector nearest the firewall, I thought between the upper and lower parts of the injection nozzle. (return lines and stopper and metal IP line has been checked and are fine)

I put a 27mm wrench on to remove the nozzle and then separated the upper portion nozzle from the lower and based on the amount of force it took to take them apart I don't see how enough pressure could develop in the nozzle to push fuel up through those threads.

Removed the needle from the nozzle body and aside from being a little coated with carbon seems fine the internal parts are somewhat worn but without build up of any kind. Could I have seen fuel coming up from between the pre chamber and the nozzle?

Might require putting the whole thing back together and torquing everything down and try again.

Is there anything I should try before I order one up.


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