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10-18-2005, 10:37 AM
Bought this car two years ago from mercedes dealer.
Problems from day one - has been back to the dealer at least 18 times with electrical problems.
Management system was indicating engine problems when there were none.
They have replaced wiring looms to try and cure the problem.
Now the car won't start if it is left for a couple of days without driving! (have tried changing the battery twice)
When I do manage to drive it the indicators will frequently indicate by themselves, the doors will lock and unlock by themselves, the interior lights will flicker (they now don't work)and the management system indicates a problem with srs and seat restraints although there is no problem.
I have now received a letter from Mercedes advising that my model of car is being recalled because the possibility exists of failure of the vechicles electrical system due to a faulty starter battery!
Anyone else had similar problems?


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