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11-12-2005, 10:47 AM

Had this car a few weeks. Lovely to drive but a few irritating problems. When I bought it I was told that everything worked. However........

Driving it back I discovered the rear passenger window doesn't work.

Since then have discovered that the clock light mostly doesn’t work and ditto the lighting on the temperature/ventilation controls.

If you open the ashtray or whack the dashboard that is normally enough to get the temperature/ventilation lights to come on but they are temperamental. The clock light rarely comes on.

I thought the rear window would mean the whole unit needs replacing. However, it has worked perfectly normally once or twice.

So it seems that the unit work and the motor but there is some electrical fault.

Can anyone recommend an auto electrician familiar with these 5 series cars? Hopefully someone who knows what they are doing would find the answer quickly. My local back street mechanic had a look but had no joy.

I'm based in West London but will travel.

These 5 series cars are lovely but the high petrol price is punishing me! Now thinking of replacing our old Vauxhall Corsa runaround with an older 3 series - anyone got any advice on buying these? Don't want to spend much - £1,00 to £1,500?

Many thanks!


11-13-2005, 09:13 AM
a guy I can recommend is in Iver. He used to be with Lee's BMW in Wembley area a few years ago, but now goes on his own. I was at his home a few nights ago, and like I posted on the E34 page, I lost count of the amount of M3's, 745i Turbos, various normal cars and classic BMWs tucked away! He specialises in M cars but of course looks at 'normal' cars too!

I need to get his number from my brother as I don't have it (more his contact than mine) so hang on a few more days and I'll get the number and ask his permission if I can pass it to you!

Cheers! Dennis! West London (Slough!!) UK!!

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