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12-20-2005, 12:53 PM
I am thinking of going to a 6" wheel on my 62 xke rdster for apperance and handling. Any feedback greatly appreciated. Thanks...GUY

02-06-2006, 10:09 PM
I have had 6" Series III chrome (stainless stell spokes) wire wheels on my 67 Series 1 for 10 years, with 205/70/15 tires (currently Pirelli 4000 Super Touring). They immediately made a huge difference in traction and handling. No rubbing, and they have held up like new.

Try British Wire Wheel (CA) for advice and

02-17-2006, 05:42 PM
Thanks for the info. Mike....GUY

Charles Russell
07-12-2007, 02:18 AM
Have 6in. daytons with Bridgstone tires on my 68 and they work great.

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