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01-21-2006, 10:42 PM
HIYA ALL, well my name is jesse and i just bought a 1986 190E 2.3 bought it for 500$ and its has little bit of surface rust on the holes where you stick the jack in to lift the car and some on the rear end componets. i also have a 1988 735i and 190E is for my wife are there any good post about first time buyers of this car?whats the history of this car is it like the 3 series bmw but of mercades.can any 1 help me?thanx

01-25-2006, 02:07 PM
in my opinion, the 3-Series BMW's of the same period
are more reliable and less troublesome than the 190E's
The weakness(s) with the 190E - even when they were brand new
(I know because I serviced them new)was with window regulators, window switches, climate control push-button unit with temp and fan speed control units, weal engine plumbing of hoses, the electrical
connectors and wiring at this age willbe very fragle, and cooling system issues.

The BMW 3-series (E30) is a much simplier car under the engine hood,
a different injection system that I think is better when 20+ years old. The heating and air conditioning system also much simplier - more mechanical than the Benz with all it's electronic controls and regulation

When the 190E were introduced - 'we' performed a ton of warranty
repairs - the car was the first light weight, inexpensive model and
'we' all questioned what happened to Mercedes-Benz Quality compared to the W123 series that it replaced. The same can be said of the 124 series M-B. BUT - I would rather own a 190E, 300E 1980's M-B than a 1990's Benz product . My opinion is that after 1990 - Benz went into the krapper.

01-27-2006, 06:51 PM
This is an interesting post! I also just bought a 1986 190e 2.3, but mine was $250! I'm not sure what mechanical condition it's in, because it was from a towing company. I ordered a key, and should get to tinkering with it on Tuesday of next week.

This is my first M-B, so I'm interested to play with it. I've spent some time on the e30/e28 BMW boards, and know my way around those cars enough to keep 'em going. This will be a new learning experience.

I did notice that the previous owner was in the middle of "fixing" the intake/throttle body when it was towed. He/she had a coat hanger, cotter pin, and some other strange riggings going on. Does anyone know what they might have been trying to accomplish?


03-06-2006, 06:20 PM
..the 190E has electro-hydraulic warm-up regulation
injection system . Fuel pressures,, electric signals, temp sensors,
..... many special electrical tests required to diagnose the system.
purchase a repair manual first.

02-05-2008, 08:09 PM
Help! I just purchased a 91 190E with a transmission problem. It is full of fluid (automatic) but it will not move forward or backward. Gear selector moves freely, transmission does not whine or make any noises. According to the previous owner the car was running fine until one day he started the car up and transmission wouldn't shift into any gear. Could this be the computer? or is it just a bad transmission?

02-06-2008, 07:05 AM
you still need to get under the car to confirm that the gear
shifter is indeed connected to the trans, and that it's 'shifting'

no electronics for getting the trans to engage - just a shifter
and mechanicals.

Look at the drive shaft to trans coupling - stranger things have happened?

If the oil is really clean - that maybe your tip that something
happened, and the PO changed the oil and filter in hope that
magic might visit an ailing trans. You could remove the trans oil pan and not see any metal or band frafments, sediment- which would be normal - so you would assume nothing is wrong - but the damaged
clutch pack, bands, servo seals lurk above the cleaned out pan.

A oil pressure test is needed - to test PUMP WORKING PRESSURE,

you'll need to tow it to a M-B Dealer with these gauges and if
the trans needs replacing - go with a M-B Exchange Transmission
and TORQUE CONVERTER. Thats your best value and Warranty of
Parts and Labor -that is is you want to keep the car and it's
in 'Good Condition' ?

What's the mileage ?

Service History ?

how many owners ?

PO states this happened to him also ? what did he do
to get it driving ? Don't you think this is why
the car was FOR SALE ?

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