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01-23-2006, 11:31 PM
I just installed wire mesh grille inserts on my 2004 XJ8 for that Super V8 sporty look (or all XJs 2006 model year on look for that matter). The inserts are stainless steel mesh, and are imperceptible from OEM, but much less expensive. They clipped right in to the existing grille frame.

Got them from Jaguar XP. $125 currently

Fitting wasnt that hard, although the included instructions were less than adequate. Here are some additional instructions:

1. First remove the plastic cover that is on top of the headlights and grille. Simply unscrew (by hand) the plastic retainers and once fully loose pull them out, then lift off the cover. Now you can see the rear of the chrome grille, and the two T10 torx bolts that hold it on.

2. Undo the torx bolts and remove.

3. The grille can now be slid forward. At the bottom of it are two plastic tabs about 2 inches long that clip into slots behind the bumper, the tabs clip in, you may need to insert a short flat bladed screwdriver to lever down the tabs and uncatch them, then the whole grille can be slid forwards and out.

4. At your workbench undo the clips that hold on the black plastic tunnels behind each side of the grille that direct airflow to the radiator. You unclip the top clip, then tilt backwards and unclip and remove the slatted black (or black&chrome if VDP) grille insert underneath it (the bit you are replacing with mesh). The bottom clips for the tunnel then unclip and the tunnel is removed, leaving just the grille.

5. Place the stainless mesh insert on the grille the right way round and right side. The cuts outs in the bottom edge make it quite obvious, and the instruction sheet is actually usefull here.

6. The black plastic tunnel needs to be clipped back on to hold the mesh insert in place. Make sure the mesh clears the clips on the grille (it has some give in it, you can strech it a bit), then clip in the tunnel at the bottom then top edge. Ensure the mesh is sandwiched between the tunnel and the grille on all sides.

7. Same for other side.

8. Reinstall the grille. Remember the two tabs at the bottom must slide into the slots behind the bumper and click in. Then reattach the torx bolts, and replace the black plastic cover, pop the retainers back in and screw them hand tight.

9. Admire your sporty new SV8/2006 look

(If you dont fancy DIY, any half competent mechanic should be able to do this in half an hour - your jag dealer may not be prepared to install non oem parts though)

Jag XP also has a mesh lower grille that fits between the front foglights, they do a combo deal, but to be honest I thought that was overdoing it.

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