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02-02-2006, 07:12 PM
This device is very touchy on the W126, especially the earlier ones. After around 1988 a less sensitive version was used.

In my car, some poor frustrated individual had removed the globe from the blown globe indicator - not exactly a cure for the problem!!

To fix it, you need the owner’s manual. Look up the correct wattage for each of the park lights, front and back, and the two rear number plate lights. If the wattage is too low OR TOO HIGH the indicator will come on.

Next check for any bad contacts - corrosion around the globe sockets on the globes themselves.

Next, open the fuse box and note the large black box toward the back. Remove it and clean the pins.

That should make it work. If it still fails, you probably need a new unit (black box) or you can disassemble the one you have and try changing the two (I think) electrolytic capacitors. Electros are a bit like tyres - they wear out !

Kind Regards,
Robert Karl Stonjek

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