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02-24-2006, 07:22 PM
Hi all ,

I am a newbie here but i have a 1994 C280 and have been having some problems in the last week with my Dash Instrument's ,, the speedometer does not want to work right it has a delay in it you can start from a dead stop and it wont read how fast you are going untill u get to a speed of about 25 to 30mph then it will jump up and read how fast you are going. ( any ideas as to why this is happening????)

Also my tackometer is starting to do the same thing it has a delay in it before giving you a reading . and as of today about an hour ago my check engine light has come on for some apparent reason , the car runs fine has no problems with it running at all , Also my Turn Signals do not want to Blink as they should if i hit my breaks most of the time it will cause my turns signals to stopp working or if i hit a bump in the road they will work and if i hit another bump in the road they will quit working... i am at a loss here.. i love my car but it just seem that it is one thing after another that is going wrong with it , i have had the car now for a little over a month it just has a little bit of an oil leak but i dont think the oil leak would have anything to do with my instrument cluster's not working right ,

If Anyone has any ideas and maybe some suggestions i would greatly appreciate it Please Please Please let me know ...

Thanks a Bunch!!!!!

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