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04-16-2006, 09:08 PM
What is the color in this picture, I tried finding out at the Bentley website configurator but Explorer is not letting the configurator work properly. Thank you in advance for the help.

05-04-2006, 05:30 PM
that color is lemans blue my dad has that color on his M5 you can contact me if you have any more Qs

Up & Coming
05-04-2006, 06:56 PM
Can you post a pic so we can see what it looks like in the light?

What do you think of the Neptune Blue? That or St. James Red?

05-19-2006, 09:14 AM
I'm sorry, but I think your earlier respondents are incorrect. I have this week talen delivery of an identical Continental GT to the one pictured by you and I am sure that the offical colour name is "Dark Sapphire Blue".

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