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mike puig
05-23-2006, 05:23 PM
Over here from the e23 board. Love my 85. I have noticed a small (pea size) rust blister beneath the rear window seal. Halk in half out. I have spot treated this with acid then a little dab of boshield now and then. It appears NOT to be spreading (this had been for over a year now). I would like to get it fixd right. I am guessing that would be to remove the rear window (replace it really as the defroster has long since stopped working) and grind out, cut out and reweld now metal in?




05-24-2006, 10:53 AM
THAT 'TINY' rust bubble is actually deeper and more involved
than you think. Think iceburg !
remove the rear window and repair the MANY years of water and
corrosive dirt that gets trapped under the rubber seal.
The lower corners of W123's will rust underneath the seal and water leaks into and sits under the rear hat deck. You can see the water looking with a flashlite in from the outside corners. Water will run down and fill the rear interior floor, and if large amounts enter, the water will work it's way to the front floor.
Lift up all your floor mats and insulation pads today and inspect!

the rust can be treated, primed, metal built up where thin and missing
so the window seal will seal properly. Paint the treated/repaired window opening, and install with a new rubber. Caulk around the seal after installed with auto silicone window sealent between the rubber and the metal body - AND between the rubber and the glass.
Very involved and plan a few days/weeks for the complete process.

Good luck.
...I performed all this 2 years ago with my 1984 300D Turbodiesel.

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