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12-02-1998, 03:04 PM
Anybody here have or test drive the 740i Sport? <p>

12-07-1998, 01:51 AM
<i>: Anybody here have or test drive the 740i Sport? <p>:<p></i>I own a 98, 740 with 9x18 255/45ZR18, 10k miles. I drove the 740i Sport today.<br>Nice, I like the Sport seats and the Steptronic.<br>The transmission has all 5 gears avaliable in Sport mode. The manual shifting is crisp. Much less of a slush box.<br>The suspension is stiffer, yet not harsh.<br>The Sport option is definitly worth the $2600 option price. (I paid more than that for the BMW 9x18" cross-spoke alloys I put on my 7.)<br>Now the decision? to-upgrade or not-to-upgrade<br>

12-10-1998, 12:39 AM
Test drove on last weekend - great car. I have an E39 540iA Sport, and this 740 felt likes the mature big brother. Very fast, rides better than my 540, but does not handle quite as well. If I were to need a larger car, this would be it. My business partner has a 740iL which I frequently drive...and this is a much better driving car.<p><i>: Anybody here have or test drive the 740i Sport? <p>:<p></i>

Timothy John Aguilar
01-22-1999, 11:30 AM
i just bought one.... i LOVE it!!!<p>Anthrasite 740i Sport<p>fantastic suspension kit. wonderful transition of power... 148mph plus through the straights of the I15 Utah south to north.<p>new seating positions are reallty fantastic and not to mention it's three seat heating teperatures.

02-01-1999, 05:13 PM
I have had a 740i Sport for about 6 weeks and I love it. It rides firmer than a regular 740i/iL, but it handles much better. I actually like the SWB version better in terms of looks, plus with the 18 inch wheels it looks awesome.<p>The seats are superb and I do not regret at all waiting for the Sport.<p>Dean

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