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Chuck Bennett
12-30-1998, 09:55 AM
I have a "clunk" in the rear when breaking, then accelerating. It seems to be on the passenger side. I also hear sqeeking as if the rubber busings are bad. I replaced the passenger side axel/CV joints but this didn't eliminate the problem

Jim Brisimi
02-09-1999, 08:44 AM
Chuck, Callan wrote this a respond to similar problems that I had with my 88 735i. He wrote a little about the noises you heard so I thought it would be useful for you to read as well. Good luck and thank Callan for the advice. <p>I've worked on similar sounds coming from E-32 body cars like yours and there are many things that can cause weird sounds. The backing plate on the rear disc brakes can rust and you'll hear noises only on turns which allow the flexing of the brake assembly to touch the rusted seam of the backing plate with a inner lip of the "hat style" rear rotor. Sagging rear subframe bushings can cause a clunking sound but this is usually only heard on accel&deaccel. CV joints can load up on turns and make a whole range of sounds. I once drove a car out to the Regional BMW Office so a Technical Instr. could hang out the rht. rear window to listen for a noise that only happened interm. on turns. The look on the faces of the BMW marketing/sales staff was worth a lot since they finally realized how tough our jobs can be. That car turned out to be a outer CV joint that the owner declined to repair. As far as self-leveling is concerned; look for a round canister device besides each rear shock/spring. If so, you've got self-leveling. The car should be 4" longer than regular and have an L at the end of the badging on the trunk[ 735il ] Hope this helps ... <br>

02-22-1999, 05:52 AM
I have an '86'728I and started hearing a knocking <br>like noise coming from the rear axel (the car has 186,000 ks on the clock) After a long and careful <br>inspection, I found that outboard cv joint at the <br>right rear wheel was becoming dry. Both shafts were removed and all four cv joints were cleaned,<br>inspected and repacked with cv grease (Duckhams).<br>Renewed the boot clips and reinstalled. Problem more noise. Hope this helps...make sure the rubber boots are in good condition to prevent the grease from drying out or becoming contaminated.

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