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R.J.F Woertman
01-03-1999, 10:17 AM
The E32 735i has a dashboard mounted boardcomputer. Of this unit one of the three 12V lamps has broken its filament. Unfortunately this is the lamp located underneath the display unit. I can't replace this lamp because the flatcable to the CPU board behind it is to short to reach the lamp.<p>Does anybody know how I can replace this lamp easily without desoldering this flatcable. Or do I miss something?<p>Raymond

01-16-1999, 07:19 PM
Are you talking about the OBC? If so ,remove the radio and pull the little lever at the back of the obc[on the left] to slide it out. The bulbs twist out at about 90 degree turns for replacement. I usually replace all of them to elminate repeat trips by the customer. Note: sometimes that lever is stuck on the earlier cars and won't release. Put pressure[gently mind you] on the right side of the obc to help unjam it. Also put some grease on the slide&lever sections to prevent this from happening again before you reinstall the obc.

Raymond Woertman
01-20-1999, 05:45 PM
Callan,<p>Thank you for your input. To remove any questions, I am talking about the OBC, but when I posted the message I could not come up with the right english word or abbreviation.<p>Since my 735i is an '88 model, your advise will certainly help to replace the three bulbs. I allready have replaced two of them, now I can also reach the third.<p>Thanks,<p>Raymond

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