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Joe Baran
01-05-1999, 09:41 AM
I am interested buying a 1989 750IL at a local dealer. It is in excellent condition with all service records and has 89K miles. What type of maintenance costs would I be looking at for this car? I have read that the costs to maintain the car could be extremely high. If anyone would have some advice, I would appreciate it.

01-09-1999, 10:15 PM
Maintinance on 750il isn't that painful 2 x airfilter, 2 x cap+rotor, 12 x sparkplugs, more oil, etc. <p>It's when stuff <i>BREAKS</i> that driving a 750 or any bimmer gets expensive. <p>"levelizer" (optional) rear shocks @1000+ a set, window control module @250+ are 2 items that come to mind on the my 750iL that where painful to the wallet.<p>8er<p>'84 318i<br>'89 750iL<br>'91 850i<br>

01-11-1999, 09:10 AM
Two other weak points are the throttle motors (about $700 each, but easy to install) and the intake manifold gaskets (no idea how much they cost to replace). And if your batteries get weak, random electronic parts may fail to operate correctly. Replace the batteries every 3 years to be safe.<p>fyi//CL<br>1991 750i<br>

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