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01-10-1999, 10:44 AM
urgently need shop manual for 83' 733i. heater control<br>buttons won't stay in.

01-10-1999, 02:10 PM
<The reason your vent control buttons won't stay in is that the tiny spring in the bottom of the push button assembly that locks the cam/slider parts has started to collapse. You need to buy a cheap ballpoint pen;the kind that have a button on the end to push the point out. Remove the little spring from the pen because it's just the right diameter and only a little longer. Disassemble the center dash by removing the 4 phillips head screws at the top lip of the heater panel. Remove the radio to expose the two 10mm head bolts under the radio that hold the bottom secure. Reach in through the radio opening and carefully disconnect the rubber air hose that sits to the left on a inlet from the heater box. Try to leave the hose attached to the heater control panel as it's easier to reinstall this way. The hose should just pull off the heater box with a slight twist. Tilt the control panel in towards the interior;you'll probably want to lay a towel across the center console to protect it. Also remove the ashtray if it's wood trimmed. Use a short phillips screwdriver{thin bodied jewelers style works the best for me} to carefully remove the tiny screws holding both the thumbwheel controls and the funtion buttons into the faceplate. It helps alot if you can magnetize the screwdriver that you're using or at least have a flexible magnet on hand to catch the falling screws. Also a pair of needle nose pliers and a pair of wire cutters for removing the wire tie wraps are ideal. This is also the time to change all the 1.2 watt bulbs that light up the control panel because if there weren't any out before you started this job there will be when you're done.{Fragile old filaments}These bulbs are availible at auto parts stores that cater to European car owners. Once you have removed the function buttons go to the bottom of the assembly.If I remember correctly you have to remove a plate or cover to get to the spring thats mounted in the middle of the assembly . Use a pick or needle to coax the spring out. Line the two springs side by side and cut the stolen pen spring just alittle longer. Reinstall the new spring into the board and try the buttons. With the new spring things should work fine if only a little stiffer. Put the whole mess back together carefully with new nylon tie wraps to anchor the harness where ever the factory felt it was needed. Change those bulbs too. Good luck.

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