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01-12-1999, 01:31 AM
In the January 1999 Roundel. Jenney Morgan, Die Werkstatt Column, made reference to CD-ROM ETM and late model Parts Catalogs being available from BMW. <br>Can anyone confirm this availability?<br>If available what is the year & model configuration and price for these CD-ROMs.<br>Regards,<br>Rodů<br>

01-16-1999, 07:08 PM
The ETM's are a 2 cd set that retails for $95 U.S. I can't comment on the other cd's out there since I have 5 BMW parts guys at my disposal[ok,only if I bribe them regulary!] The part # for the Electrical manuals is as follows and must be[acc. to BMW] bought as a set :SD 92-117 & SD 92-118. Thats all BMW sent us on them . If my parts dept. uses a added # I'll get back to you on this. Note: It really helps to have a 17inch monitor or larger to run these cd's. Or maybe I've gotten spoiled with the 21inch touch screen on the DIS machine at work. Remember that there are minor mistakes on these wiring diagrams just as there were when they were out on paper all those years ago. Look carefully at the circuit you're working on and be prepared to go one year earlier or later in some cases to get an exact match. This is esp. true for the '88 -95 cars since there were lots of mid-prod. changes on these models[ala japanese manuf. style]

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