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01-12-1999, 02:51 PM
My wife and I at the time both owned a Lexus & BMW. In those 14 months, I patronized that dealership's service department to the tune of $7.5k,<br> allowing them to replace the AC system, alternator, steering pump seals, tuneups, etc.... We chose Lexus of Austin, owned by John Roberts also, for<br> maintaining the manufacturer's standards and quality when we needed the myriads of service to our cars and discovered that their outfit was as shoddy as<br> the next chop shop in East Austin. For example, I brought the Lexus LS400 in last year for a 60k valve adjustment. When returned, greasy finger prints<br> were all over the valve covers and shock towers; what was once neatly laid out & properly loomed wires on the engine are now haphazardly reconfigured<br> every which way and no longer was contained in their jackets; the cruise ctrl throttle cable on the mounting plate is twisted & kinked, existing wireway<br> grommets routing high voltage spark plug wires away from metal had been thrown away, and the car wasn't even washed, after sitting on their premises for<br> three days. I took snapshots of the work in the engine bay and mailed it to the Gen. Mgr. But I was somewhat insulted when this individual, a leader of this<br> organization, was too good to return me a courtesy call. The previous time that I had brought the car in, I got the car back w/ a broken driver's door handle.<br> The service manager stayed clear of responsibility and charged me $250 to replace it. Even after I paid them to replace it, I had to bring it back to get it<br> readjusted so I could lock/unlock the door from the inside. Two weeks thereafter, the remote lock on the same door was fried. Concidence or a shorted<br> wire? Who knows...except I ended paying another $250. They also diagnosed the fuel gage level problem to be a faulty fuel sensor located in the trunk<br> compartment. I was instructed by John Roberts dealership to bring the car in with an empty tank so they can replace the sensor located in the gas tank and<br> they would fill up the car. They returned the car to me with the gas tank exposed in the trunk, the cover not attached back on, with even less gas than when<br> I brought it in, and I ended up running out of fuel on the way to my home in Highland Hills, about 2 miles from their dealership. I was two blocks from a gas<br> station and some folks on MOPAC pushed the car on foot to a filling station. To my surprise, after filling the car completely full, the fuel gage problem was<br> still not corrected. Again John Roberts would gladly replace (this time, ) the fuel gage for $750, but would not even credit me the $250 for replacing the fuel<br> sender. It was clear to me that despite the formal letter(s) I had written about my complaints to the Gen. Manager, I was not getting any better service. And<br> how do you think I was beginning to feel about them doing a brake job coming up ? <p> This year, when I dropped my '98 BMW in their dealership for a 7k oil change, I was chauffered to work in their company van. Their driver, who has been<br> an employee for over three years, was more than eager to bad mouth Mr. John Roberts, his management style, his managers, and its culture. This basically<br> summed it up and clearly explains for the high quality and manufacturer's standards for which I paid for but NEVER RECEIVED!!!!

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