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Brad D
01-13-1999, 06:12 PM
Anybody have any info (or seen, sat in, etc.) the new "Contour" sport seats that are only available in the '99 740i Sport?<p>I am familiar with the standard seats and the Comfort Seats...<p>Thanks,<br>Brad D

02-01-1999, 05:05 PM
Brad,<p>I have a 740i Sport and the seats are great. IMHO they have bigger side bolsters than the comfort seats. Aside from that they are similar to the comfort seats except the 740i Sport seats also have an adjustment similar to that in the 540i sport where the part under your thigh extends forward and back if you want.<p>Overall I am very happy with the seats.<p>I hope that this helps,<p>Dean<br>

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