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Ernest Cage
01-17-1999, 01:35 PM
Among other items I am trying to restore on my 1978 BMW 733i are my front and rear seats. Over the past twenty years these babies have fought a losing battle with the sun. My interior is black however I can settle for gray, dark blue, or even tan. Seeing that the 1978 year model did not come with the convience of power seats I will need the same type for proper installation. Also if possible I would like the rear head restraints they add comfort and make the car look a whole sight better from the rear. I am looking for a resonable offer!!! If I wanted to pay an arm and a leg I would have the seats redone by an upholsther. If your looking to make some fast cash drop me a line. Thanks<p>Ernest Cage<br>1978 BMW on the restoration trail

01-27-1999, 12:13 AM
Well............ Did your '78 hit a dead end or what?

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