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Paul Rannabargar
01-22-1999, 07:11 PM
Moderate hit right front, lostr interest. Over $10,00.00 in upgrades, will part or make offer.

01-23-1999, 11:17 AM
<i>: Moderate hit right front, lostr interest. Over $10,00.00 in upgrades, will part or make offer.<p></i>What options??? Color, interior, ??? What would you want for the whole car??? I have (4) 745i's, but would love to have another parts car... I recently sold my 84 1/2 with 107,XXX for $4000.00... Let me know via Email -<p>Thanks - <p>Edward<p><br>

01-27-1999, 12:10 AM
You've got 4 745s! I can't even get rid of the '84 blue one in front of my house that belongs to a customer who bought a '97 540i. He's had ads in the paper but no one ever calls. I can't get him to lower the price to a "real" level so I think weeds might surround the thing by the time spring comes around to Chicago. If you know of anybody have them read the board.

Gale Hawkins
02-08-1999, 12:34 AM
What does the 745 series look like?

02-15-1999, 08:17 PM
a Euro version E-23 with small bumpers and sometimes a very different interior look because you could get either leather or buffalo hide seats. Very quick for a seven series with 252hp and lots of torque. Factory turbo model with lots of possible options and almost always with an Automatic trans. Some were regular and some were the 1st gen electronic controlled trans. I'm just getting rid of a friends '84 745i as I write this. He owned the car since 1985 and it's titled as an '85 too.

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