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david falkner
02-11-1999, 01:08 AM
I bought this car about 2 weeks ago. The odometer and gear selection indicators do not light in the instrument cluster. <p>Is it necessary to remove the steering wheel to get the instrument cluster out? Any caveats to watch for?<p>This is my first visit to this site - I hope this topic is not already covered and I just didn't see it. Thanks for any assistance you guys can provide.

02-15-1999, 07:00 PM
<David...<p>If I remember correctly you don't have to remove the wheel, just remove all apparent screws and once you've carefully removed the cluster you'll notice that the gear selection are all soldered in micro lights. If one or all or out you'll probably have to replace the whole strip, if it's even available from the dealer. I had one with the "D" light out a decided to live with it. I can't remember what kind of light is behind the odometer, probably a user friendly push in type...good luck

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